Sunday, September 18, 2016

Embroidered Animals Template

If you recall, sometime in June this year, I talked about digitizing my old embroidery patterns in this post. I had finished digitizing a few animal motifs which are in my mind child-like drawings. I had also finished sewing a sampler but I never got round to writing a blog post about them.

Today I stayed home all day while hubs went out shoe shopping with his friend. I really didn't want to do any housework so I ended up sewing a zip pouch with 2 of the animal motifs. I did it in between playing Candy Crush, watching a Korean drama, listening to songs, watching a knitting video guide so it kind of took me all day to complete. In the past during my craft market days, I was able to sew very fast and make several items a day. Those days are over for me. Nowadays I want to take my time to sew.

These are the five animal motifs and I can't really explain why these specific animals were chosen. I've provided 2 sizes. The larger size is suitable for embroidering on tea towels, zip pouch, t-shirts, etc. The smaller size will fit a 2" circular brooch. The pattern sells for USD $3. It doesn't contain any instructions to make any project, not even a brooch. It does provide a guide on embroidery stitches and transfer methods.

This five animal motifs embroidery template is available for sale at my Etsy and Craftsy shop. If you prefer to buy via my blog, do read my faq before clicking on the "Buy Now" button below.

Here's the zip pouch I made today. I used these 2 animal motifs because I was curious to see who would win the race! Who are you rooting for?

And here are a couple of behind the scenes shots.

Bear is claiming the pouch because it's in his favorite colourway.

I'm back to abusing Bear. He's got to earn his keep.

In case you're wondering I used DMC 400 embroidery floss to sew the motifs on the zip pouch. It's a very rich, bright brown.

When I made this zip pouch, I used a "special tool" which I hadn't used before. I rather like it and in a future post, I will share it with you. See ya.


Sandra :) said...

I'm rooting for the cat, even though he isn't on the pouch - I like his attitude - I stick my tongue out too :D

Cute critters :D

Ann said...

That pouch is super cute. Do you have a tutorial or even sell a pattern with instructions on how to insert a zipper the way you have in here, without zipper tabs? It looks very professional and the corners are nice and square.



Projects By Jane said...

Annie, I don't have a tute/pattern. Aren't there a gazillion tutes out there on zip pouches?

Annie said...

Thanks for the response Jane. You are right, there are tons of tutorials out there but none quite like your neat zipper ends! I'll keep searching!

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