Saturday, November 29, 2008

Korean Souvenirs 2 - Knots

Although I love Korean knots, I did not go crazy buying up every single knotted thing I came across when I was in Korea. My husband restrained me.

This charm was my first buy. I was jittery about not coming across another charm store that I bought it even though I was not in love. I was so wrong. They were everywhere that every charm started to look common.

Pretty charms all in a row
My girl bought these charms and she would have bought plenty more if her father had not restrained her.

I was really hoping to find less common charms like this one I had bought in Singapore during a Korean Fair. So classy.

I grew weary of commoner and commoner knotted charms that I almost gave up. Then I fell in love. I had been staring at two large gorgeous knotted tasselled things hung at the rear view mirror in my tour bus for days. I knew I wanted them. Of course they proved to be very hard to find.

One night I walked past a street vendor and my husband pointed out the gigantic drum knotted thing I wanted. I almost screamed but it was too cold. I did not even bargain and paid whatever the vendor wanted. The sweet woman actually gave me a discount!
You can't tell from the picture but it is huge!

My last item was a shoe knotted thing which proved to be rather elusive. I just couldn't find it anywhere. Once, I spotted it at a street vendor from the bus and when we stopped 5 minutes away, my husband braved the cold and walked back to find the vendor. My hero! Unfortunately it was too far away and way to cold to walk on the street.

On my last day in Korea, on a pit-stop before reaching the airport, I found my shoe knotted thing. I was so happy I wanted to cry but it was too cold.

This is a knotted charm I maade using just double connection knots and beads.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sexy Curved Top Zippered Pouch

I finally got my camera back from my mother-in-law and unknown to her, the camera died in S. Korea where she had gone for a holiday. My mother-in-law is one of those people who refuses to put on her reading glasses so she did not look at the review once and happily snapped away. I'm sorry to report that all the photos she took looked like she had pointed at the sun directly - one big splash of white light.

So my husband bought a new camera and these pictures are taken using the new camera. (it's a casio)

My current project is a curved top zippered pouch. I think curved top for a pouch is really sexy, I referred to this tutorial at Some Art Thought and surprisingly curved tops aren't that difficult. Initially I thought I would need to use a bias strip which would make it hard because of the stretch.

This pouch is interfaced for the outer fabric so that makes it a little stiff so sewing on the curves is a little hard. Next time it might be a good idea to use an outer fabric which is softer.

Here's a nice angle of the pouch. Sexy!

Up close and personal

My girl's Flintstone pen in the pouch

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