Saturday, June 6, 2015

iPhone Zip Pouch Pattern Update

Hi folks,

This week I had a surge of energy and as such surges of energy are infrequent, I took full advantage of it and drew up the zip pouch patterns for iPhone 5 and iPhone 6.
Those of you who have bought my iPhone zip pouch pattern from my Etsy shop will know that it's meant for iPhone 4 or smaller. When I produced the pattern, iPhone 4 was the version. In 2012 when iPhone 5 was released, I checked and it could still squeeze into this pattern. It wasn't ideal but ..... Then last September, iPhone 6 was released and it got wider and taller. It definitely couldn't fit into my pattern anymore. I dillied and dallied and finally here we are.

I knew I had to at least sew up the zip pouches with the new pattern size. I hadn't been able to use the big scissors since my tennis elbow happened so I was screwed. I had been to the physiotherapist twice and he did manage to eliminate some of the pain. So I tried out the big scissors and yay! I could use it without any pain. Well, as long as I don't use it for too long. Having never lost the use of my hands before, I'm starting to appreciate the little things you can do. Like reaching out to grab something, clapping hands, killing mosquitoes, holding a cup of tea (I need 2 hands) or just the simple act of stretching.

Anyway, I felt like I achieved something great when I finished both pouches. I made both easily in 1 hour. (you will probably take 1 or 2 hours just to make one) Two weeks ago, I was sure I will never be able to sew again. I had to get my kids to help me cut through the zippers because that's still beyond my capabilities. Boy, were they nervous. 

I took a photo of iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 in the pouches so you can see the placement. I made very tiny changes in iPhone 5, just a bit taller. For iPhone 6, I made it a teeny wider and taller with some room for growth in case iPhone 7 goes fatter and taller. You know, at one point, handphones kept growing smaller. Now the opposite is true.

Here's a shot of the three sizes together. I think the camera lied a little because the bamboo thingy I have them stand on is uneven. iPhone 5 is actually just a little taller than iPhone 4. The sky is too dark to take another pic plus my photo taking is a little off with my elbow thingy. I'm not sure why but a lot of my photos came our blurry!

This supplement template comes free when you purchase the iPhone zip pouch pattern.

p.s. I have so much to rant about the medical care of my elbow. So freaking much. Come back for my next post and listen to my rant, you hear?
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