Monday, March 20, 2017

Mido, Mido wherefore art thou?

The only reason hubs and I went to Mido Cafe was it was in the lonely planet guidebook on Hong Kong. It is "Kowloon's most famous tea cafe despite passable food and service."

Since it was near my hotel, Silka Seaview Hotel, we had to eat at least one meal there. We decided to have breakfast there before our trip to Disneyland.

With the help of google map, we set out looking for it. On google map, it was only 100 metres away. We walked and walked and couldn't find it. Finally hubs said we should go back to the hotel to re-orientate ourselves. We started on our route once more, starting at the hotel. We walked past our hotel, took a few more steps and stopped because hubs wanted to check something. Suddenly hubs looked up and Mido Cafe was right in front of us!

Apparently, Mido Cafe is right next to our hotel. It was so funny. If hubs hadn't looked up we would have walked round and round and never found the cafe.

Mido Cafe is a very old cha chaan teng. The interior has the mosaic and old-world vibe, like time stood still. It could do with a major cleaning or two. It has two stories. We were told to go to the second floor. The cashier is on the ground floor.

Everything is good here. The staff speaks English and there is a English menu as well. Although the cafe sells a large variety of food, we opted for a fried breakfast special. It was good but I felt the chicken wings were a bit old. Hubs couldn't tell the difference. I particularly loved the french toast. Speaking of which, I'm craving for some french toast now.

63 Temple Street
Yau Ma Tei exit B2

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Tsui Wah Everywhere

Friday, March 17, 2017

Tsui Wah Everywhere

On our Hong Kong trip, we went to Tsui Wah restaurant not once but twice. It wasn't because the food was that fantastic. There were outlets everywhere and the first one we went to at Mongkok was open 24 hours. How convenient is that?

Tsui Wah restaurant is not a small business. It is owned by a company which is listed in the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd. It has a website which recommends its own Top 10 dishes to try! The prices, unfortunately is pricier.

This is the 24hour branch at 244 Portland street we had our dinner at. It took us a while to find it. The menus had photos and English translation and the waiters speak some English. I thought we had struck gold.

Then I was delivered a wrong order. I had ordered ice lemon tea but was given a iced milk tea. I really dreaded having to communicate this with one of the staff. Then I saw a waitress returning a glass of ice lemon tea grumbling the kitchen crew had made a mistake. The guy in the photo above heard about it and he started scolding the kitchen crew. I was thinking that's my lemon tea! I brought my iced milk tea to the waiter and told him I had ordered iced lemon tea. I was thinking, isn't it so clear our orders were correctly made but handed to the wrong tables? But the waiter was possibly tired. Instead of acknowledging a mistake was made by his crew, he was quite rude to me and only became convinced I was given the wrong order after I showed him the order chit. He took the iced milk tea from me and said OKAY-OKAY to me rather loudly. Man, I was pissed. Anyway, I kept an eye on him and true enough, he gave me the exact same iced lemon tea that was returned by another customer. Yup, I drank it.

The iced lemon tea was delicious by the way. It's quite different from iced lemon tea in Singapore which is usually very weak in taste.

Hubs ordered the pork chop burger which he has already tried in Singapore. I guess he thought it would be different in Hong Kong. It's just pork in a burger bun.

I fell prey and ordered the Swiss Sauce Chicken Wings on the top 10 list. It should be removed from the list, in my opinion. I'm quite a terrible cook but I believe I can cook chicken wings way better than Tsui Wah's. The wings were also cold.

I ordered the Sizzling King Prawns fried noodles, also on the Top 10 list. I rather enjoyed it until the sauce ran out and the noodles don't taste good without sauce. The prawns didn't taste fresh but I countered that with low expectations.

You needn't wear gloves to eat the noodles. But very necessary when you eat the chicken wings.

On another late night, we went to a Tsui Wah branch on Hong Kong island with my nephew.

He said we had to try the crispy bun served with condensed milk and he was right! It was so delicious. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. It made me rather full though.

I also ordered this Kagoshima style pork cartilage with instant noodles because we hadn't had dinner. I didn't like it at all but hubs liked everything at Tsui Wah. So he finished it for me.

This was hubs' order - Malaysian beef brisket curry with rice. He seemed to enjoy it.

This was our Tsui Wah experience, not too bad in my opinion. A wide variety of menu selection and branches everywhere.

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I heart Dimdimsum

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I heart Dimdimsum


Yup, another food post of my 4Days 3Nights visit to Hong Kong.

After spending one whole day at Disneyland, we went back to Yau Ma Tei intending to call it a night. But we kinda got lost walking in circles and we also kept talking about getting a late night snack. Most eating places were closing so we eventually decided to walk to Mong Kok to look for Dimdimsum which was open till 2am. By the time we found Dimdimsum, we were exhausted.

I had heard about Dimdimsum from my friend and I did not bother to do any research. I think sometimes it's good not to let other people's experience taint my expectations. The place was small and nearly filled. We were lucky to get a table right away. We shared a table with a lone diner.

Right away I could tell this place was going to be nice because we felt welcomed.

Our waiter was pleasant and didn't bark at me when I daringly asked for a English menu. Much to my surprise they not only had a nice English menu, there were photos of the food as well! Honestly we weren't that hungry but we couldn't leave Hong Kong without eating some dim sum. We ordered 5 items and as all the items came in 3's, it was a bit too much food for the two of us.

One interesting thing about the order chit provided. If you see [o], it contains internal organs/offals. Don't say they didn't warn you! (check out items 18 and 19)

Radish cake (3 pcs). I have an extreme fondness for radish cakes and I had no regrets ordering it. It was superb. I am rather exacting in how I like my radish cake cooked and the softness of the "cake" is just perfecto. Hubs said it was salty but I disagreed.

Rice flour rolls with BBQ pork (3 rolls). In Singapore we call this chee cheong fun. Dimdimsum's version unfortunately did not match my high standards. I think the problem with how Hongkongers eat chee cheong fun is the sauce they provide is not the same. In Singapore we eat it with 2 or 3 kinds of sauce. A light sweet soy sauce, a reddish sweet sauce and chilli sauce. Also the skin could be a little bit softer. I ate 2 rolls of this and felt my stomach bursting. Chee cheong fun can be rather filling.

Stuffed Bean Curd Wraps in Mushroom Soup (3 pcs). This was so fantastic. I would love to eat it again. The "soup" tasted very good. Yum, yum, yum. If I close my eyes and think very hard, I swear I can still "taste" the soup.

I think this is Shanghai Soup Dumplings with black truffle (3 pcs). The skin was rather thick so not good in my opinion. I think Din Dai Fung's steamed dumpling set the standard for little steamed dumplings for me.

Chiu Chow Style dumplings (3 pcs). I think we regretted ordering this because I was too full to eat any and hubs had to finish it and he didn't like Chiu Chow dumplings. My bad.

At Dimdimsum we were served 2 cups of tea. I'm pretty sure this tea is for drinking because the waiter topped it up. (I drank it)

When it came time to pay, I went to the cashier to do it. Hubs gave me some notes and all his coins which we desperately wanted to get rid of. Hong Kong currency has these strange $1, $2, $5 coins and we didn't want to keep them. The cashier understood immediately that I wanted to get rid of my dollar coins and she took all the coins from me and a few notes. How nice of her! We left extremely happy.

112 Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok

Other outlets: Jordan, Wan Chai, Sha Tin, Whampoa

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