Sunday, November 29, 2020

September, October & November

It's been almost 3 months since my last post. Nothing much is going on in my life. It's pretty boring. I'm beginning to question the meaning of life. I'm hoping something shiny catches my eyes soon...

I've kept up the stellar performance of injuring another body part. My left arm/shoulder. One day I bought a sleeveless dress and I told hubs it made my arms look flabby. He suggested I do my exercises using weights. I may have been too enthusiastic because at the end of the day I realised I had seriously hurt something. For a while I had trouble putting on my clothes and reaching for the toilet paper which happens to be on the left. But over time it slowly healed. Right now, my left arm still has some limitation in movement but it's not as bad as before. I saw a gp who said I have tendinitis and it will heal on its own but it'll take a few months. I have an appointment to see a physiotherapist soon. Hopefully I get assigned someone who knows how to fix my problem. Weirdly, my arms grew less flabby the last few months.

So, you know the thing on my face below my eye? The skin imperfection thingy. I managed to make it worse. I maaay have tried another skincare product and now the thing has become 3 things. One day I went out to look for more products to try and in one skincare shop, after seeing my 3 thingy, the sales person literally shoved me out of the shop saying, we have nothing here that can fix that. You should see a doctor. I tried again in another shop and the same thing happened. Finally I had a gp take a look at the 3 thingies and she too was perplexed. She said I had better go see a skin specialist. So now I'm on the waiting list. It'll probably be a few more months before I get to see one. Meanwhile, I think I'm not going to worry about it anymore. And I promise to leave it alone.

One day I told hubs I'd been experiencing pain in my right ribs below my right boob. Hubs googled and said maybe it's my liver. The pain was persistent and I started to imagine maybe I have a tumour and I wasn't ready to lose a liver yet. So I went to the polyclinic. After a 3 hour wait, I saw a nice doctor who listened to my craziness. Well, after poking me here and there, he said he believed I was suffering from gastric. He was very sure of himself. He said gastric is an issue with people who do not have gall bladder - like moi. So I trusted him and took the medication he prescribed for 2 weeks. The pain disappeared. I became careless and ate evil food again - beef tacos. It was ONE beef taco. I don't even like beef tacos. It's $3. That's why hubs bought them. And just like that the pain came back. I'm so sick of my lousy stomach and incapable digestive system. It's been decades of issues after issues. Meanwhile, it's back to oatmeal, bread, boiled eggs and veges.

In Singapore, wearing masks is still mandatory outside our home. It looks like it will continue to be mandatory for many more months or even a year more. It's bad news for me because I have developed mask-itch. My skin becomes super itchy whenever I have a mask on. Once the itch gets triggered, I itch even when I don't have my mask on.

This soothing cream is literally keeping me sane. If I don't have this cream, I'll never be able to go out.

I've stopped knitting because of my left arm and then the itch. I'm dying to knit again but I think it's better to wait till next year when my skin gets better. I don't know if other people feel the same way. I keep thinking 2021 will be better. But chances are it's going to be same-same in the first few months of 2021. 

Recently, it was announced that 2021's Chinese New Year bazaar at Chinatown is cancelled. I'm thinking Chinese New Year should be cancelled as well. I can't imagine what's going to happen if we get another wave. On Thursday, it was made public that a man who tested positive for covid-19 had dinner with 12 family members 2 days earlier in a restaurant! His case broke our 16 day zero locally transmitted case streak. Since we have a 5 persons rule per table for dining out and no mingling between tables, the man's family broke the no mingling rule. This is a typical selfish behaviour by humans who don't give a shit about others. The guy who tested positive works in a high risk environment yet his attitude is reckless. I'll bet the whole of Singapore is scolding him. Last night, there was another community case. It seems the person was previously infected but did not know about it. She was picked up due to the govt's surveillance of stallholders at selected markets. Now this is scary. The virus has been circulating in the community but no one got sick enough to see a doctor. Which means that our previous 16 day zero locally transmitted case streak was a false indicator. The committee in charge of covid-19 in Singapore's going to have nightmares in February during the Chinese New Year period.  

I sewed a dress and a pair of Mary Janes for Carlos. I like the idea of sewing little things for dolls but the actual sewing can be frustrating. I wish I could do more for my growing doll family. But I lack patience.

I wrote a new pattern - Easy Hand Sanitizer Holder. I don't know if it's something people would need but I wrote it anyway. It's for beginners!

There's a 30% discount off all bag patterns in my Etsy shop. Ends 3rd December. 

See you next month. 
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