Friday, February 27, 2009

Other Ways To Achieve Boxiness in Boxy Pouch - Part 2

This is the easiest boxy pouch ever. Once you make one using this method you'll be addicted! I hadn't planned on doing a tutorial on this pouch seeing how it's so easy but I did take a few pics just to show those who are new to this kind of boxiness.

First, sew a boxy pouch the regular way. (see my Lined Zippered Boxy Pouch Tutorial) For this method you can sew the zipper from end to end for outer fabric as well as lining. See? I told you it's easy.

Next, with bags inside out, flip around until the zipper is in the centre.

In the pic above, I have folded the outer fabric in such a way it's halved. Make the folds meet in the centre.(This is the secret of this pouch. If the folds don't meet, the pouch will look squat like) Do the same for the lining.

This is what you should get.

Sew the side seams. A good place to sew would be at the two ends of the zipper. Sew through all the layers.

Turn the bag right side out through the lining and ta da!

The difference between this boxy pouch and the one in Part 1 is the folds at the side are more obvious in this one.

Inside out.

* * *
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Other Ways To Achieve Boxiness in Boxy Pouch - Part 1

First of all, a hi to kookietookie for her comment. Yay! So tutorial for front zippered pouch is now work-in-progress. Look out for it.

I've been experimenting again and I wanted to find out what other ways there are to make a pouch boxy other than the one in my Lined Zippered Boxy Pouch Tutorial.

This pouch I just made is folded on the inside in a almost origami-like manner and it's so hard to explain I won't even try. So no tutorial for this one no matter how much you beg! Before all the complicated folding and sewing, it's constructed very much like any ordinary front zippered pouch. I did not use any interfacing for this project. Just fabric and zipper. Interfacing would definitely make it more defined.

Top view

Look at them crazy angles

Doesn't the fold just seduce you? (Okay, I definitely need another hobby)

Inside out - check out the folds

Inside out - top view

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Front Zippered Pouch - without the gaps

I've been busy. This is a lined front zippered pouch I have just completed. Previously my personal favourite was the one I made using Thimble's tutorial. It is a great tutorial and I would use it again. The only thing was there were 2 little gaps at both ends of the zipper .

These gaps (picture of pouch made using Thimble's tutorial) aren't a problem really as you wouldn't notice it when you use the pouch.

It's just that I like to figure things out and I just believed that it's possible to construct a front zippered pouch without the gaps. That's me obsessing again. Well, after days of experimenting, I've managed to achieve it.

Front view

Back view

Inside out. No gaps.

I'm sure many people already know this method of constructing a front zippered pouch. If you don't, I'll be happy to post a tutorial. Kindly leave a comment in this post so I'll know there's a demand.

C ya.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Patchwork Garden

I love to make bias binding handled bags as I think they are very interesting in a casual/attractive kind of way. You definitely can't make such bags if you don't have the skills to handle bias binding. Having invested in 2 Clover 3/4" and 1" bias binding maker, I can easily make them with my choice of fabric. One thing about the choice of fabric, you need a sturdy fabric because you're using it as a handle and you don't want the fabric to tear easily.

Funny thought. Singapore uses the metric system and I know km, m, cm, mm and so on. But when it comes to sewing, I think and sew in inches. I think it's probaby the influence of the American blog/tutorials I visit. Usually I buy my fabric from Spotlight which sells fabric in metric system. Recently, I went to Chinatown (yes, there is a Chinatown in Singapore) and I discovered a fabric market which sells fabric in yard! Who are these people? I'm so intrigued by my discovery.

For this patchwork garden bag, I used all my floral fabric and patched them together. Between the handles, I did some small pleats.

This is the back.

I used a nice plain pink button - don't want to overcrowd.

The inside is pink too.

For my next bias binding handled bag, I'm thinking I want to make the body longer. Look out for it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Roly-Nesters. What?

Although I dislike encasing my raw seams in bias tape unless it accentuates the bag, I make an exception for roly-nesters. A reader, Pfirsch, suggested Roly-Nesters which has a tutorial to create rather matronly boxy pouches. The technique is pretty simple. You make it like an unlined boxy pouch but you hide the raw seams in bias tape. The result is of course not as spectacular as ahem, my own Lined Zippered Boxy Pouch Tutorial. But it's a technique you can use when your outer fabric and lining are joined together.

For my little pouch, I was trying out free-motion quilting and I did it on my little sandwich of outer patched fabric, flannel interlining and lining. Since the sandwich is gelled together by the quilted lines and also the sandwich is rather thick, I felt the roly-nester way was the best option to create a boxiness.

This is the bottom. My free-motion skill is still shaky. It's really hard.

Here's the pouch inside out. I forgot to change the bobbin thread to match the zipper so it's all glaring.

Not too bad.
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