Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Front Zippered Pouch - without the gaps

I've been busy. This is a lined front zippered pouch I have just completed. Previously my personal favourite was the one I made using Thimble's tutorial. It is a great tutorial and I would use it again. The only thing was there were 2 little gaps at both ends of the zipper .

These gaps (picture of pouch made using Thimble's tutorial) aren't a problem really as you wouldn't notice it when you use the pouch.

It's just that I like to figure things out and I just believed that it's possible to construct a front zippered pouch without the gaps. That's me obsessing again. Well, after days of experimenting, I've managed to achieve it.

Front view

Back view

Inside out. No gaps.

I'm sure many people already know this method of constructing a front zippered pouch. If you don't, I'll be happy to post a tutorial. Kindly leave a comment in this post so I'll know there's a demand.

C ya.


kookietookie said...

It'd be great if you could do up a tute for this too. Your previous tutorial was really easy to follow, and I've made 2 lovely pouches so far. The little warning notes are really cute/funny/useful too. :)

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