Thursday, February 26, 2009

Other Ways To Achieve Boxiness in Boxy Pouch - Part 1

First of all, a hi to kookietookie for her comment. Yay! So tutorial for front zippered pouch is now work-in-progress. Look out for it.

I've been experimenting again and I wanted to find out what other ways there are to make a pouch boxy other than the one in my Lined Zippered Boxy Pouch Tutorial.

This pouch I just made is folded on the inside in a almost origami-like manner and it's so hard to explain I won't even try. So no tutorial for this one no matter how much you beg! Before all the complicated folding and sewing, it's constructed very much like any ordinary front zippered pouch. I did not use any interfacing for this project. Just fabric and zipper. Interfacing would definitely make it more defined.

Top view

Look at them crazy angles

Doesn't the fold just seduce you? (Okay, I definitely need another hobby)

Inside out - check out the folds

Inside out - top view


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