Thursday, February 12, 2009

Patchwork Garden

I love to make bias binding handled bags as I think they are very interesting in a casual/attractive kind of way. You definitely can't make such bags if you don't have the skills to handle bias binding. Having invested in 2 Clover 3/4" and 1" bias binding maker, I can easily make them with my choice of fabric. One thing about the choice of fabric, you need a sturdy fabric because you're using it as a handle and you don't want the fabric to tear easily.

Funny thought. Singapore uses the metric system and I know km, m, cm, mm and so on. But when it comes to sewing, I think and sew in inches. I think it's probaby the influence of the American blog/tutorials I visit. Usually I buy my fabric from Spotlight which sells fabric in metric system. Recently, I went to Chinatown (yes, there is a Chinatown in Singapore) and I discovered a fabric market which sells fabric in yard! Who are these people? I'm so intrigued by my discovery.

For this patchwork garden bag, I used all my floral fabric and patched them together. Between the handles, I did some small pleats.

This is the back.

I used a nice plain pink button - don't want to overcrowd.

The inside is pink too.

For my next bias binding handled bag, I'm thinking I want to make the body longer. Look out for it.


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