Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another fat bottomed drawstring bag

I did not set out to make just another fat bottomed drawstring bag. This one I tried to do differently by adding a piping. I had never done piping before but it's never too late to try.

The piping is on the left with a contrasting strip on the right

Sewing the piping made me wish I had a piping foot. All I had was a non-adjustable zipper foot. I'm definitely going down to my sewing machine dealer soon. I thought of googling for a piping tutorial just to be sure but I think I'll leave it for another bag. The bottom consists of a circle. It's a pretty straight forward bag totally uninterfaced. The fabric for this bag came from my girl's old dress. It came with a lined petticoat which I used for the lining. It's quite obvious the fabric is pretty faded as it was a hand-me-down from a relative who probably got it as a hand-me-down too. I love recycling old clothes into bags but my girl is still quite squeamish. She would yell out, "Hey, that's my dress!" each time she sees her clothing recycled into a bag.


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