Thursday, July 17, 2008

Front Zippered Pouch Quest No.1

After Zippered Pouch Quest No. 5, I took a long break mainly because school started and waking up at 6am every morning was such a shock to my system that I spent the rest of the day just trying to keep awake. Also, after season 4 of Cold Case ended, I discovered that I had never watched Season 1. I was so disoriented from having nothing to watch so watching the entire Season 1 became my therapy. That Lily Rush...
Sooner or later, TV homicide wears you out so here I am back to my beloved zippered pouch quest.

I'm almost embarrassed to be doing this zippered pouch thing again. Just so I don't repeat myself, this time I'm doing Front Zippered Pouches.

Javajem has this tutorial for incredibly cute wristlets with front zippers.

This is the pouch I made using the tutorial. Totally interfaced for that crisp feel.

The back view. This indigo fabric attracts lint like crazy.

See the raw edges?

I don't know which step of the tutorial I missed because the raw edges are visible inside the pouch. Still, I love the pouch.


Magik said...

great pouch , and yes i realize.. that the raw edges are showing..the same happend to me.
i guess a step was missing in the tutorial, the best way is trying fren seams.., im gonna try with mine and then post it ..


janep said...

hey magik, check out my front zippered pouch quest no. 2, 3 and 4. no raw edges.

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