Friday, October 24, 2008

The Old Bags - Part 2

I had been digging in my storeroom and found a few more of my "old bags" from the Sakura sewing machine era.

I was very into hand embroidery then and had to incorporate it into my bag, one way or another. This is the result. I still think the idea is good but the execution is not so great.

This was a handphone pouch I made for myself. I've used it countless times as can be seen from the worn out cross stitch. I learnt something here. Don't use cross stich for anything you gonna use a lot.

This next bag was the first bag I had "designed". I drafted the pattern on newspaper without any idea what I was doing and it shows! I had not heard of interfacing or interlining then.

Nice pocket

This is a crochet bag from my crochet days which is also the same timeline as my Sakura sewing machine era. I learnt crochet from books borrowed from the library and my knowledge is limited to the books available. This bag was seamed together at the sides and I discovered then that I dislike crochet "raw seams". There is also something called "blocking" which sounded so tedious I never tried it. That's why my bag is all floppy.


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