Thursday, January 23, 2014

A dress for Jane

I bought a dress for Chinese New Year. What's significant about this dress is I haven't won a dress for decades since I became a mother. (I shan't count the maternity dress I still wear to sleep)

I used to love to wear dresses. And skirts. And mini skirts. Then one day I woke up fatter and I realise it's a lot harder to hide your flabby body under dresses and skirts. So I started wearing jeans, loose pants, T-shirts and shorts. Is this what happened to most moms? Dressing to hide our bodies?

Well last week I was out shopping and out of all the dresses I tried, this one I bought was the only one I could get into. It seems manufacturers nowadays design for women with extremely small bodies. Like tiny, tiny bodies. One dress I tried, I nearly couldn't get out of. I almost screamed for help but was too embarrassed to. I mean I had stuff hanging out for god's sake. After I struggled out of the outfit, I discovered I had worn it back to front. Who puts a long zipper in front anyway?

I think the dress is dark blue on top. I thought it was black when I bought it. I have shat eyes. I know it's for Chinese New Year and I should have gone for something reddish. But I look like crap in red.

And I have 3 necklaces which will go with this outfit - 2 of which were made by me. Isn't it just wonderful to be able to make your own jewellery?

Unless I put on a ton of weight, this is what I'll be wearing on 31st Jan.

p.s. I'm making something for my January giveaway and I have a craft book I want to sell. So come back you hear?


Jane said...

i love dresses like this - the shape. and also pockets! i wanted a wedding dress with pockets :) they were the cutest.

Linda said...

Your necklaces look great with the dress. Enjoy!

Anna said...

A very nice dress. Any of the necklaces will look good with it.

Chris H said...

I think the dress is lovely. I dream of wearing dresses again.

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