Thursday, June 12, 2014

The good buys and the regrets


Notice anything different? Yes, I have a new chair.

It's no ordinary chair. It's made of rattan. We had to go all the way to Kallang Bahru which is in the eastern part of Singapore to get it. I live in the North western part of Singapore.
Kallang Bahru is an older estate in Singapore. I can't remember the last time I was there.

This is the shop we went to. It's called Hak Sheng. The shop was jam packed with items made from bamboo and rattan.

Check out the huge sausage shape thingy near the ceiling. It looks like something used to transport pigs.

Despite the Great Singapore Sale (30 May to 27 July), Hak Sheng did not believe in giving discounts. I know it's quite crazy to buy a chair for your toys. But my toys are so lovely. They don't talk back. They don't need to be fed. They sit quietly and pose very willingly for photos.

 Yes, I did buy something for myself. This stool.

 Just look at that cute little face. Bear knows he's my favourite.

I am very picky when it comes to footwear which explains why I'm always wearing my Ipanema sandals. Unfortunately I noticed Ipanema sandals are priced higher and higher the past year (without any change in footwear engineering) and I am waiting like forever for a good discount. Anyhoos, it being the Great Singapore Sale, I thought it was a good time to stock up on sandals.

Now for as long as I can remember, I've been brainwashed into thinking Scholl sandals are comfortable. They are also pretty pricey. Which is why I've never bought any. Recently there was a sale and indeed there was a grandmotherly pair of Scholl which I found rather comfortable. The final price was about the price of a Ipanema anyway so I decided to buy my first pair of Scholl. As I age, I find that I do need comfortable sandals.

Well, I wore them out one day and horrors. They squeak. Not once or twice. ALL THE TIME. It goes like this - uh un uh un uh uh uh eek ik un ik eeeek. I'm so pissed. How do I get rid of the squeaks? If the squeaks never go away, it means I can never wear this pair of Scholl to the library, a museum, a cinema, a school, a church, a cemetery, a courthouse, Parliament house, a bookshop or go out at night.

Still stinging from the regretful sandal, on Tuesday after swimming, we saw a sports shop had a 50% sale. I spotted this pink Teva sandals and almost fainted at the price. I asked if there was a 50% discount and yes there was. Still it was still expensive after the discount. Why are Teva sandals so ridiculously overpriced? But hubs said go ahead and buy. So I did. I've won the sandals out twice already for hours and they are soooo awesome. I love them so much. And they do not squeak. I hope to wear this pair of sandals for at least one decade.

Moving on to happenings in Singapore. Since May, Singapore has been invaded by tropical swallowtail moths. They are quite large. Like the size of your hand. This is the first time I've seen these moths. They are all over the country - in lifts, sometimes in our home, outside our homes, in other people's homes and offices - everywhere!

The moths went looking for Taylor Swift as well during her stay in Singapore.

It's been a while since I updated you guys on crimes in Singapore. Not that we have a shortage of crime... Anyway, last night, a legless body was found in a bloody suitcase. You can read here for more details. Police are now looking for the legs.
Exciting update: Two men connected to legless body case arrested. Read here.
More exciting update: The police found the legs! Read here.

I will do my June giveaway once I receive something in the mail. See ya.


Sandra :) said...

Baby powder works on squeaky floorboards (cornstarch would probably work as well) - maybe it can help your squeaky shoes?

The moth looks like a bat - I would be running very fast (well, in my mind it would be fast, but in reality it would be very slow and there would be lots of huffing and puffing) in the opposite direction should I see one of those just hanging around!

Christel said...

The picture of the bamboo chair/stool reminds me of those that little toddlers sit in. My godma has one and it has lasted for at least 20+ years. :)

Projects By Jane said...

@christel have you ever sat in a mother child bamboo chair? i almost bought one (yes, for the dolls) but the owner no longer stocks the original darker colour.

Christel said...

Hi Jane, I went to google it (母子椅). Turns out it's the bamboo chair I sat in when I was young! Didn't know it had such a name.

Projects By Jane said...

@Christel yes, it's the same chair i was referring to. i like the original dark colour. we had one when i was young. it's really unsafe. can't leave a child in it without close supervision. Hak Sheng only has the light beige colour. He claims the dark coloured ones are no good.

Lisa said...

I like those old fashioned shops. reiminds me of visiting Singapore as a child.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Bear looks pleased with himself to be surrounded by all the girls! (he's my favourite too btw)

Maybe all known criminals should be issued with Scholl sandals and then they wouldn't be able to sneak around.

Linda said...

Oh, my! I can just picture you in the squeaky sandals! I've had some that did that, too! It is embarrassing!
Love your chairs!
A legless body! UGH!!! I would hate to have been the one to open that suitcase!

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