Thursday, August 7, 2014

Get up and go

Hey you,

It's August already, can you believe it? My real life is so interesting, it seems, that I forget to drop by here. I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Every day it's the same old "What to eat?", "What to eat?". The diet I'm on is not too restrictive yet the hunt for food to eat for two meals every day is so exhausting. Occasionally I splurge and pay a little more for something interesting to eat.

One day I hope to cut out the seafood and just eat fish, vegetables and fruits. With all that splurging, my weight hasn't gone down one bit.

I'm running a lot more nowadays. 6km is my maximum at the moment. I hope to increase to 8km one day. Today hubs suggested that I run short distances, say 1km, but at a fast speed on the days I don't run 6km. I'm thinking of trying out his suggestion. Am I mad?

Yesterday I had my first Pilates session after a very long break. I got an Activesg account and it is credited with 100 dollars  (a present from the government) which I can spend on sports programmes. For my Pilates class, I can pay 30% using the 100 Activesg dollars. The rest I have to pay myself. It's $95 for 12 sessions so I think it's quite cheap. The dance studio where it's held is a little too cramped for comfort. I think if there weren't so many people in the class, it would be more pleasant.

On Wednesday, something a bit exciting happened. Hubs and I had gone to check out the location of the dance studio where my Pilates classes would be held and while on the train, hubs checked his facebook and saw a flash sale of some dolls at the shop where he had bought me these dolls and these dolls. The dolls on sale were like missing a shoe, an arm and were priced very low. I swear it's all hubs' doing. He insisted we go to the shop right away. Right away! So spontaneous. I felt like we were dating all over again. I had never been to this particular doll shop before and he wanted me to experience it for myself. So you remember that. It was all hubs.

The shop is in the east so we kinda had to take a long train ride.

Unlike most shops which try to be as visible as possible, this doll shop hides itself. For starters, the entrance to the shop is via the carpark. I almost felt like we were doing something illegal like scoring drugs. To enter the locked shop, you ring the bell and someone would open the door a crack and ask you what the hell you want. Okay, I made that up. The voice would ask you what you want. Hubs managed to squeak out that we were there for the sale. The door opened and we were told that everything on sale had been sold. What? Dolls with missing shoe and foot and whatnot are in high demand?

Oh well, we had gone all the way so we might as well look around. We had to remove our slippers and walk barefooted in the shop.

The shop is big enough. It even has a higher level but it was out of bounds. (they probably have all the good stuff upstairs) Every single wall is stacked with dolls. Pullips, Blythes, Barbies and stuff I've never even heard of. It's a dolls paradise.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you something. The shop is a little bit like Hotel California. Once you enter, you can never leave... Unless you buy something or pay a $5 look-see fee. I know hubs wasn't going to fork over $10 for a look-see so I looked around desperately for something I could buy.

At first I was shown all the expensive stuff by a male staff (the owner's son). I declined everything he showed me. Luckily he disappeared upstairs. Finally, I decided it was best to reveal I am a cheapskate to the female owner. She was good natured enough to tell me the price of every single doll I pointed at. I was torn between a few tiny dolls and hubs was even prepared to splurge on a Blythe. Then a strange looking doll caught my eye but I thought it might be out of my price range... As it turned out, the strange looking doll is made in China so it is in my price range.

 For some reason, this picture is on the box but it looks nothing like the actual doll.

This is the actual doll. I don't really like the outfits but that can be changed. I hope this doll won't break easily. Does it look creepy to you? The hair is removable. 

This tangkou doll has some amazing functions. The English translation is quite funny.

And so just like that, I have another doll in my collection.


Nueyer said...

From your description, this sound like some secret club. How did you hubby find this place??

OMG, I see some Blythe dolls!!!! Check out my Blythe stuff :)

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Nueyer, hubs searched "dolls singapore"! This shop has mostly Pullips, Dal, Byul. There are Blythe but the cheapest is $170! (faint) We were told that Blythe cost the cheapest when it is first released and the price goes up over time. Is that true? Dollz inc at funan has more Blythe dolls.

Nueyer said...

Yeah, blythes are not cheap... think usually when the dolls are no longer sold by the main sites, price will go up if people like it enough

Sandra :) said...

That doll that you bought doesn't look creepy to me - it actually looks like Princess Di! The "what the hell do you want" story kills me - I've been in stores like that, that treat their customers like unwelcome guests, lol. Have never heard of a store actually charging a "look see" fee though - YIKES! I hate it when stores don't price their items - I hate to ask the price of things. A lot of bakeries around here do that - sorry, I'm not going to ask the price of 4 or 5 different cakes so I can pick the one that works for me - I'll just go somewhere else!

Linda said...

Wow! I have never heard of a shop where you had to pay to look or else buy something!!! That would never go over in the States! We BEG people to come into our stores and see what is available. Sometimes we bribe them with free hot dogs or something.
Congratulations on the new doll. You're right! The translation is really funny!

Chris H said...

I'm glad you actually found a doll to buy! She looks .... interesting.

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