Wednesday, November 5, 2014

September/October 2014 Giveaway Winner

Yo. My bad. I was supposed to draw and announce the winner yesterday but I took a long nap and then at night I went to sleep early. Anyhoo, this morning after my Pilates class, I remembered to do the draw and here are the results.

The first number drawn is 39.

The lucky commenter is Joanne and she loves the elephants brooch and the fabric so that's what she'll get.

The second number drawn is 16.

Lucky number 16 is Suzee who thinks she may be picked second!!! She gets the frixion pens which is what she wants! 

Congrats to both of you. Please come and claim your prizes!!! Btw, thanks to everyone for taking part in my giveaway. A few of you wrote jokes. I like this joke the best and it was submitted by Jeneta:

What do you call a deer with no eyes?

Answer: No idea.

Sorry Jeneta. No prize for the best joke. But for the next giveaway, I'm going to have 2 winners as usual but I will draw one winner via and for the other winner, I will personally pick one that submits the best joke.

See ya.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jane for your LOVELY giveaway, I LOVE them :0)

From: Joanne (

Suzee said...

Oh wow I won??!! Thank you!! Love those pens!!

Sandra :) said...

YAY congratulations Joanne & Suzee!

(I giggled @ no idea, LOL)

Chris H said...

Congrats to the winners. Have a lovely day.

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