Friday, January 8, 2016


Dear friends,

It's only been 1 week in the year 2016. How has it been for you? I didn't start the year as well as I wanted. January started to get hot after a couple of months of rain last year. My body did not adjust well to the change. Does this happen to other people? My body ached horribly when there is a sudden change in temperature. After 1 week, the aches are starting to hurt less.

This year I have some goals and stars to shoot for.

1. Take photos of stuff other than what I make and eat.
I take too many photos of food and stuff I make. This year, I hope to take more interesting photos. I usually use my iPhone camera. Sometimes I use this free app Camera! It's good for extreme conditions like too much light or too little light.

2. Visit more places of interest in Singapore.

We usually go to shopping malls. Certainly I will still continue going to malls but I would like to see a bit more of Singapore. In the image above, I went to visit the old Parliament House which has been turned into a museum. A lot of it was boring because I'm not that into art but walking around, looking at the buildings, it was a nice change. Of course, the air-condiioning helped too.

Today we went to Chinatown and usually I would just head to the specific shop I wanted to buy my stuff from. But today, we walked around a bit and saw how Chinatown has changed a little since the last time I took a walk. Sadly, it feels more touristy.

3. Eat healthy every day.

I'm not saying I won't eat unhealthy food because I know that's impossible. But I aim to eat healthy meals for at least 2 out of 3 meals every day. I have to eat more vegetables and cut back on meat.

4. Stress less over the kids.

 This one's hard for me but I will try. It's for my own good.

5. Bicker less with my girl.

Sometimes we go at it like cats and dogs. I will try to let the little things go.

6. Keep exercising.

I hope to run 2 times a week and continue with my Pilates. The aim is to have some kind of exercise every day. I still can't manage to hit 10,000 steps every day.

7. Maintain my weight at below 58kg.

If I want to continue looking like this (above) and
 continue wearing short skirts like this (above), I have to eat healthy and exercise.

8. Produce 12 patterns.
I already have 1 almost ready. (cheating) If I work hard, I believe I can do 11 more.

9. Write at least 1 blog post a week.

I was going thru' last year's posts and it's sad most of them were me ranting about my gastritis. As such, I think it's best I do my Weigh In Friday post once a month. Many bloggers have either stopped blogging or become commercial, writing mostly sponsored posts. Well, not me. (because no one asked me to write sponsored stuff) I'm going to keep blogging about this and that. Hope you will continue to come by my blog. Oh, this week I think I got "discovered" by some cosplayers. My stats went up!

10. Live life.

 <See the look on my girl's face.>

Have you set any goals or are you the type who prefers not to set any goals? See ya.


Sandra :) said...

Good luck with your goals - I can't wait to see the patterns you come up with! I tend to unfollow blogs that do sponsored posts - those things make me crazy. Funny how most sponsored posts give the product a high rating - go figure *eyeroll* :D I dont' mind reading honest feedback about a product that someone decided they wanted to try ... without compensation. I'm sick of being bombarded with ads every time I turn around. And sneaky ads are the worst ... like when they put the "this was sponsored" blurb at the END of the post, in tiny little writing *snort*.

I hosted a huge sit-down luncheon for 21 people on New Year's Day, then it took several days to clean up from that and get the house back together, then I got sick and spent several days laying on the couch doing nothing - not a great start to my year! I did set some goals to improve my life for the year --- eat less, move more, shop less, sew more :D I also decided that this year I'm going to work on doing new to me projects - I'd love to do one a week but I don't know if I can keep it up, or if I'll bomb. I'll try, at least!

Judith Clauss said...

Jane, Great blog. Fine goals. Enjoyed learning a bit more about you!

Judith Clauss said...

Jane, Great blog. Fine goals. Enjoyed learning a bit more about you!

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