Sunday, February 14, 2016

I love you

Hello. Happy Valentine's Day!

This year I didn't pay much attention to Valentine's Day. The only thing I did was tell hubs not to buy me any flowers. Last year I got myself tested for allergies and I am allergic to pollen. So no flowers for me. Ever. Didn't hubs hit the jackpot when he has a doctor's note never to buy his wife flowers?

I didn't ask hubs for any present either because honestly, both of us own a lot of stuff. Dolls, clothes, fabric, accessories, shoes. We have too much. My home is bursting. We'll need a bigger home if we continue to gift each other stuff.

Still this morning, when I woke up I searched my flat for surprise presents. Because you know sometimes hubs springs a surprise on me. I looked and looked. There were none. I'm not disappointed at all. I don't know if hubs wanted to make up for it because he took me to a late lunch at Jack's Place before he went to work. The restaurant had a Valentine's Day special which cost over 40 dollars per person. They must be kidding. Nothing in Jack's Place is worth over 40 dollars. We opted for the cheaper lunch special.

I had sirloin. I'm not a big beef eater. In the past if I have steak, I would order it well done. Usually it's more like over done. Recently, my daughter introduced me to the idea of eating steak medium rare. So I ordered it medium rare, I think 70% done. Man, it tasted really good. Like amazing good. I'm starting to enjoy beef after decades of barely tolerating it.

I ate everything that came with the meal. Bread which I usually avoid, dessert (mousse I think) and the forbidden tea! I decided to just go for it and not care about the consequences. I'll probably get a tummy ache later on but having not had any tea for so long, it tasted so yummy.

Last year I didn't even write a Valentine's Day post. The year before, in 2014, I wrote a post 10 Songs to avoid on Valentine's Day. This year I'm in a much better place, feeling positive and lots of good vibes. So I thought it appropriate to do a 10 Love Songs list. I don't always like the original singer of a song so the singers listed are the ones I prefer. Also, the singers aren't always the composer. With that, I present you...

1. I want you by James Luke (listen here) is freaking fabulous. I feel like I fall in love everytime I hear this song.

2. You belong to me by Bob Dylan (listen here). I'm not a fan of Bob Dylan's voice. But this song, I like. This is a good song to play for your guy/gal when both of you are at the same place in a relationship.

3. Yo Te Voy A Amar - NSync (listen here). To me, the English version is not as good. I love the spanish version. It is so romantic.

4. Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden (listen here). I don't know why I love this song. Just do.

5. Lay down beside me - Alison Krauss with John Waite (listen here). This duo really grows on me. Since Missing You, I've always thought both belong together.

6. Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton (listen here). Seriously, who hasn't heard of this song? When I was in my early 20's, me and my bff went to this pub a lot and the band always played this song. Back then, I thought that if my future husband has not heard of this song, I cannot possibly marry him. Oh, hubs? He knows waaaay more songs than me. He used to "test" me on my knowledge of songs.

7. Make you feel my love - Adele (listen here) To me, this song could go either way. A person declaring her love or a person in love desperately clinging on to a love that is one sided.

8. You decorated my life - Kenny Rogers (listen here) Kenny Rogers, despite his facial changes is still one of my favourite singers. He has such a beautiful voice. Just can't look at his face no more.

9. Love is all around - Wet wet wet (listen here). Hubs hate it that I prefer Wet Wet Wet's version instead of the Troggs'.

10. Touch me when we're dancing - Carpenters (listen here). I'm not exactly a Carpenters fan but this song "touches" me. What a beautiful silky voice.

Do you have any favourite love song?


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