Saturday, May 21, 2016

Avast Email Footer Signature Invasion

A few days ago, I started seeing Avast here and there. I use Avast anti virus on my computer and I rarely notice it except when it asks me to update or buy something. Anyway, I started to wonder if I was seeing things until today when I realised that stupid Avast had inserted a link into every email I send out.

Apparently if you are using a 2016 version of Avast and you use a web based gmail/yahoo mail/outlook mail/live mail on Chrome, Firefox or IE, the auto insertion of the avast link is done. This is so f&%$# up! Who the hell does Avast think he is? This is not right. It's totally invasive and I'm not going to be a friend of Avast anymore. Sigh. This is what happens when you use free stuff.

If I have another free anti-virus, I would remove Avast from my computer right away. But my computer is close to dying already so...

Anyway, there's a way to remove the link if you're one of those people affected. Here.

To those of you who have received emails from me with the avast link, my apology.


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