Monday, August 8, 2016

Performance Series #3

Another Sunday morning, another run. This one's the 3rd in the Performance Series. I want to say this is the most scenic run of all because we could see in the distance - Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Flyer. Of course Marina Bay Sands is pretty awesome too.

We were right next to Kallnag Basin and there were 2 boats of dragon boat rower rowing to drum beats.

My flag off was 8:45pm, 45min after hubs'. The first 1km, I felt a bit weird. I had this ache on the top of my skull, not bad enough to not run but it's there. I kept worrying if it would get worse. Then I ran round a bend and I spotted hubs.

I was very surprised to see him. He was making a loop back for his 10km and had waited to take pics of me. What a guy!

He had seen me from a distance. And this is why I wear something different from other runners.

The moment I spotted hubs.

I immediately removed my glasses.

After the exciting encounter with hubs, I realised the ache in my head had disappeared!

My timing was just below 40min. I'm so happy.

The run was extremely hot because we started so late. I got burnt and aged 10 years.

Another medal. To be honest, I'm starting to forget why I need a photo of the medal in my mouth...

The run organisers provided shuttle buses to the MRT station. Hubs left his sweat all over the seat.

We got an empty train again!

I was a little tired but hubs had the energy to take pic after pic. Here's a photo of me in the middle of yawning.

We went for an early lunch at The Union. I had the sampler - avocado chicken burger, soup and salad.

Then we caught a couple of creatures before we went home. And how was your Sunday?


Bethany said...

Good for you!! I wilt in the heat--I don't know how you do it!

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