Sunday, May 7, 2017

Star Wars Run 2017

I'm not a fan of Star Wars. <faint> I've always resisted Star Wars. The only Star Wars movie I saw was The Force Awakens. I didn't think it was a good movie. Kinda boring. But that's me.

Hubs on the other hand is a Star Wars fan. I was unaware of that when I married him... Anyhoos, as if to make up for my lack of interest, I gave him a daughter who is a legit Star Wars fan. Ha ha.

This year I became quite lazy and barely exercised. I think it was due to lack of signing up for runs. They motivate me to drag my ass to the canal to run my 5km. So when hubs asked me to sign up for the Star Wars run, I said okay. You get to choose between light and dark side. <Apparently, this is a big deal - light side, dark side> I took the light side because of course hubs wanted to be the dark side. I got a green stuffed toy....

 My green toy is called Yoda.
Hubs' black toy is called Darth Vader.

Yoda and Darth Vader are big deal in Star Wars. I think my green toy is cuter.

One thing hubs neglected to tell me or maybe I forgot was the Star Wars run is a night run.
What's nice about a night run is you don't have to wake up early. What's bad about a night run is it took place at 7pm so I didn't get to eat my dinner. I was HUNGRY.

Our starting point was at an open space next to Marina Bay Sands. The light side and dark side were separated. Some die-hards came in costumes or held light saber. I don't know how they manage to run in cloaks, knee high boots and one woman in sandals. Very dedicated.

The best part of the run was just before flag off, there were fireworks. It really got my adrenaline pumping because I ran unnecessarily fast. So after what felt like 5km, I discovered I had only covered 2km.

The guests at the flag off were Kylo Ren and Chewbaca. One of the reasons I resisted Star Wars movies in the past was credited to Chewbaca. I simply couldn't understand how a monkey like creature was an alien. My mind just refused to accept it. I know. It's a very strange reason.

The Star Wars Run t-shirt I wore was made of a terrible material. I sweated horribly and I am someone who doesn't sweat much. After a few km, I had to tie up my hair in pigtails because I felt myself burning up.

Thanks to my hunger, I ran all the way and did not walk at all. I thought I was giving it my all when into the 6th km, a runner growled at me: "Slow runners, please keep to the left." So humiliating.

Hubs who finished way ahead of me only managed a blurry back shot of me. I'm the one on the right.

I had expected my timing to be a lot worse because I hadn't been training and I have gained weight. I am very pleased with the result. It's more or less the same timing as my first 10km last year.

After the run, I was very disappointed there wasn't any sports drink. Just water and coconut drink. I can't take any coconut products. It's poison to my body. But there was vitagen and yogurt. I was starving.

After the run, hubs insisted on going to the Gardens by the Bay to see the Star Wars exhibits. Except so were thousands of people. We squeezed here and there and managed to see this machine thing. I don't understand it but it made hubs happy. What made me laugh my head off was a female passer by accidentally brushed her arm against hubs' wet and slippery body and she felt so grossed out. She had no idea what she touched so that made it super worse for her.

Finally we headed for the MRT but thanks to hubs we went the super long way and ended up having to take an extremely long escalator. I have a height phobia and nothing scares me more than an extremely long escalator. Of course hubs took a video of my suffering.

When I was on the train home, I looked at my medal and realised the idiots at the Star Wars Run counters at the finish line had given me the wrong medal. I know I went to the right queue because a guy in front of me was told he was in the wrong queue - 4.5km which was next to mine. I looked up to check my queue was the 10km queue. THREE people checked my bib before giving me the medal. I was so tired I simply chucked the medal in my pouch. I wished I had checked. The wrong medal ruined it for me.


Chris H said...

I too have never watched the Star Wars movies, they simply do not interest me.
How sad you got the wrong medal...can you not email the organisers and ask for the correct medal? Or is it too late?
How annoying for you. I would be cross too.

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