Sunday, August 13, 2017

Performance Series Run @Punggol East/Coney Island

I think I told you guys before that I've lost interest in running events. Also, I want to stop running 10km for the sake of my neck/spine issue. Okay, mostly it's due to laziness and tiredness. When I made the decision to quit 10km, I had already signed up for 3 10km Performances Series runs. And today's was the second one. One more to go and I'm free...

This morning's run was at Punggol East, a part of Singapore I have no reason to visit. We paid for a seat on a chartered bus because you know, Punggol East is extremely hard to get to. As such we had to wake up at 5am. This is the part I hate most about running events - waking up so early.
Last year I too ran the Punggol/Coney Island route but because I took part in the 5km run, it did not include Coney Island. I was so sad I didn't get to see Coney Island. I've lived in Singapore for so many decades and I've never visited this island. So I was pretty excited to see Coney Island this round.

Yep, this is Coney Island. Quite disappointing. It's just a park on an island. We accessed it via a bridge. Of course I didn't get to explore the whole island but it doesn't look promising to me. It might attract the nature lovers or bird watchers. I'm more of an indoor air-conditioned person.

I wore a new visor which had a strip of rubber to prevent sweat from pouring down the front of my face. It didn't work. Sweat poured down my face, here, there, everywhere.

According to my app, I ran more than 10km. The timing is not too bad. It was an exhausting run, more so as I haven't been training.

Hubs ran the 21km run and he was in a bad shape from the start. His heel has been hurting for the past week and hasn't healed. I tried to talk him into running 10km with me but he was too stubborn. I don't know how he managed to run 21km with a bad heel. After the run, he started to feel faint and I was very concerned. Fortunately, nothing happened. I think he was just very, very tired.

My medal. I got a finisher tee as well. Honestly I was just hoping to get a banana.


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