Wednesday, October 25, 2017

New Bag Pattern - One Ring Wonder Bag
I'm very much relieved to be able to stop editing my pattern and publish it. My fussy nature dictates that I keep fiddling with the editing infinitely until my brain dies. Thank goodness I was able to yank myself off the chains and say "stop!"

It took me one whole month to complete this bag pattern. I worked on it while juggling baking, watching K-drama, some housework and a little home de-cluttering. Finally I realised my progress was too slow and I gave up baking completely to "focus". I haven't baked bread for so long I'm not sure if I remember how.

My One Ring Wonder Bag is not new to some of you who have known me from waaay back. Remember my craft market days from 2009 to 2013? I really don't know that Jane anymore because nowadays the idea of making hundreds of bags is ridiculous. Where did I get the energy? I sometimes think of the craft market Jane as manic Jane. I think I sold the very first One Ring Wonder Bag in 2009 at MAAD, Red Dot Design Museum. The museum has moved by the way as the building(red dot) was taken over by the Ministry of Law. The red building will be repainted off-white which is the original colour. I walked past it recently and the building was undergoing some sort of construction work.

I've tweaked and twacked the One Ring Wonder Bag pattern here and there over the years. This version you see here is something not too hard to achieve and is quite large.
The bag has a zipper closure.
 A zip pocket inside..
Plus the obligatory interior slip pocket.

And of course there is the exterior patch pocket. Three pockets in one bag! I have been told I'm stingy with pockets. So this one is to make up for it!
For the strap, you can make it using the one ring option or...
if you really hate the one ring look, I have provided a crossbody adjustable strap option. Seriously any bag maker worth her salt must know how to make an adjustable length strap.

Singapore's been blazing hot this month. It is to make up for September being rainy and all. Over the weekend, my daughter and I braved the heat and went downstairs to take some photos. She is wearing a regular tee and "boyfriend" jeans by the way. It's a thing with her. I totally understand. I once wore fire engine red corduroy jeans when I was her age.

Thanks to Mandy Pan for giving me the interesting bag print years ago. I think it's cotton canvas. I have lots left over and I'm mulling over making me a skirt or a pair of shorts. Also big thanks to Lynnelle for testing the pattern. She made such a pretty version!!! I love it.

Lastly if you want to buy this bag pattern, you can buy it off my blog (first timers read my faq first) by clicking on the "Buy Now" button below or get it from my Etsy shop.


Unknown said...

Thanks for letting me test this one! It's been my go to bag. And holds a lot! It was actually an easy sew.

Unknown said...

Thanks for letting me test this one! It's been my go to bag. And holds a lot! It was actually an easy sew.

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Lynnelle,
I've made one for myself! By the way, you're a very good tester. I hope you know that!


Jessica said...

Very cute bag. I can't believe you used to make so many of these to sell. Love your fabrics. :D

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Jessica,

At one point I did a count of all the bags I had made to sell at craft markets. I stopped counting when I reached 1000. I can no longer live that kind of life anymore. Constantly making bags to have enough stock. It was crazy but also exciting at the same time. I must have survived on adrenaline.

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