Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Performance Series Race 3@Changi Exhibition Centre

Yo. I'm very happy because I'm finally done with my last run for 2017 which was held last Sunday. As you know I sort of lost interest in taking part in organised runs. Originally, I thought that when I "upgraded" from 5km to 10km, I could run with hubs. But he upgraded to 21km so because we went together, I had to wait for my flag off which is usually over an hour later.

The last run was held near Changi Exhibition Centre, very far from my home and quite close to Changi Airport. (I didn't see any planes go by though!) We went there by a chartered bus which left at 3:30am. Yep, you read correctly. Originally I thought I would take a nap before the run but I wasn't sleepy. I had to skip my anti-headache pill otherwise I would get too sleepy to run. I ended up baking a loaf of sourdough bread and I managed to complete baking at 2:30am.

The bus dropped us off at this huge empty space which I assume is the exhibition centre. I was happy I could use a real rest room instead of a mobile one.

I had one and a half hour to kill before my flag off. At first I did a bit of stretching because you know what dear folks? I haven't trained at all for this run. Usually I would make the effort to do at least one run the week before but this time, I was far too lazy to do it. I haven't exercised at all save for that one swim a week. I don't even weigh myself anymore. I'm too much of a weakling to see the number. Anyway, while trying to kill time, I realised I could play Candy Crush. Yep, I'm back to playing this silly game again. I sat on the floor for 1 hour 15 min. When it was time to walk to the start line, my buttocks had become numb.

The route was very straight forward. You literally run straight until you reach the 5km point, make a U-turn and run back. The most depressing route ever! The weather was nice though. Very cool and although it had rained earlier, the road wasn't very wet. We ran past the sea! As usual, you get the very uncool guys with poor running ethics. Push their way through, weave in and out. "Thanks" to my poor form, I was left far behind and I practically had the whole road to myself. Possibly due to my heavier frame (damn you croissants and Danish desserts!) and lack of any exercise, I ran at an extremely slow pace. However much I tried, I couldn't run any faster. I also stopped at every hydration point to have a drink. The last 3km, I was practically limping.

Hubs was at the finish line to catch me. I really want to sprint to the end but my left leg screamed "No". Anyway, I'm just glad to make it to the end without the ambulance coming for me. (I saw a runner being carted away)

I didn't finish last!

 Before run.

 After run.

Thanks to my lack of training, my knees couldn't straighten without hurting for 2 days and my thigh muscles hurt for 3 days.

Changi medal

And here are all the medals for this year's Performance Series. I wish I can solder this formation together somehow.

I had the idea that signing up for runs will motivate me to train. But it didn't work. I have lost the motivation to run. I hope to continue doing short runs on my own, maybe 3 to 5km. 10km is definitely out of the question now. My body just can't take it anymore.


Kate said...

You finished! Yay! I have done one 5k, ever, and I walked the whole thing.
Maybe you might like race walking. It might be easier on your knees.

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