Monday, February 12, 2018

Running Stitch Treasure Pouch

Last year I noticed there was an increase in sales of my Treasure Pouch pattern. When I say increase I don't mean by hundreds (I wish!). I actually mean instead of zero sales, there was a 2 digit sale.

When I first wrote the Treasure Pouch pattern, my intention was to teach my sister to make the pouch. I wanted something that wouldn't scare off beginners and at the same time, I included some embroidery for those who were comfortable with sewing. I wasn't expecting much in terms of sale. Still...

Anyway, I was encouraged by the "surge" in sales and I thought I'll show my appreciation by making a Treasure Pouch using simple running stitches. Kind of to inspire those who have bought the pattern. And even those who haven't bought the pattern because well, you already know how to make a drawstring pouch, I hope I inspire you too. Plus I do need a drawstring pouch for when I walk over to the coffeeshop to buy tea.

Just so you know, I used running stitches because I lurve running stitches and not because I'm lazy. There's something so innocent, sweet and naive about running stitches which attracts me. Also, they remind me of my mother's stitching. My mother is not a good sewer. She doesn't know how to use the sewing machine and her hand stitching is like a child's. And I don't understand it myself but I often find myself wanting to mimic my mother's innocent hand stitches. But believe me, once you know how to sew well, it's very hard to make your sewing look deliberately child-like.

I have this small amount of greyish fabric in my stash and I thought it would be perfect for my drawstring pouch. In the beginning, I thought of doing a ombre stitching effect but I looked in my embroidery floss stash and discovered I don't have much variety in greys.

So I opted for a go-with-the-feel kind of strategy. I used blue chalk to mark the lines. Do you ever notice white chalk or white pen don't work as well or dark fabric? I use blue chalk/pen for nearly everything.

I sewed horizontal running stitches on one half of the fabric and vertical running stitches on the other half. It's not a creative thing - I just got bored. When I sew running stitches, I prefer to use non-fusible interfacing.

I made the drawstring pouch based on the Treasure Pouch pattern but I modified it a bit on account of my wallet being rather long. So my pouch is slightly taller.

Here's a view from the horizontal lines side.

And this one's from the vertical lines side. I used to take photos of my bags hung from this hook but I rarely do that anymore because I use the other side of the wall as the lighting is better.

I can't believe I don't have any beads that matches the pouch. I usually tie a bead at each end of the drawstring. I guess I need to rectify the situation. A visit to Chinatown is clearly needed.

This is the inside. Polka dots in black and white.

I just love the rippled effect created by the running stitches. I can't wait to use this pouch the next time I go buy tea and the tea ladies will stare at it and wonder where I bought it. Yes, that's my fantasy - tea ladies envy.


Wendy said...

that's lovely! I like your running stitches

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