Sunday, August 11, 2019

More Scrap Projects

Dear friends,

As you know, I'm on a use up my fabric scraps mission and I'm happy to show you more finished projects.

This embroidered drawstring pouch was finished a few months ago but I couldn't find the perfect drawstring for it despite a few visits to Chinatown. Finally I used a multi coloured cord in my stash which I admit is quite a good match.

The lining for the pouch is the same as the casing - a Amy Butler fabric. I still have tiny bits of this fabric print here and there in my "sewing room". Remember Amy Butler? I wonder what she's doing now... Anyways, the exterior linen cotton fabric is from a remnant I bought years ago for my craft market. Slowly but surely I'm using it up.

Yup. Another embroidered drawstring pouch from the same never ending linen cotton. In case you're wondering why my drawstring pouches come in different shapes and sizes, it's because I cut the best shape possible from the fabric remnant.

For the embroidery, I used Colonial knots, stem stitch and open fly stitch. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to embroidery and tend to stick to what I know. Ah, but check out the drawstring! I used a bias binding thingy to make it. I'm slowly losing my dislike of making my own bias binding.

I asked my girl what she thinks of the drawstring pouches and she said: GRANDMOTHERLY. Not something insulting like "so 80's" or "so 70's" or "so 60's". GRANDMOTHERLY.

Relax. I've decided to let her live.

Oh, with this pouch, I've finally used up the floral fabric print. I won it in a giveaway many years ago and hoarded it for the longest time.

Do you remember back in May I made a tiny, tiny drawstring pouch - first one on the left? (here) I made two more because I felt I hadn't suffered enough. By the way, in case you're wondering and I know some of you are - the pouches has lining and no raw edges. For the middle one, I embroidered a little sunflower using lazy daisies, colonial knots and stem stitch.

My daughter asked me to give her one of the tiny drawstring pouches. Should I let her have one?  What do you think? (Don't forget she called my bigger drawstring pouches GRANDMOTHERLY)


Jane McLellan said...

Great way to use up scraps. Better take the compliment and give her one!

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Jane McLellan, my daughter was happy to read your comment. So yes, I'll give one to her.

Kate said...

Very cute. They would make cute gift bags for tiny gifts.

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