Monday, September 15, 2008

Boxy Zippered Pouch Quest No. 1

After making every kind of zippered pouch possible, I was asking myself, "what next?" I had read rave reviews of a little boxy pouch by Three Bears but had hesitated trying it as "boxy" was a little intidimating. I studied woodwork in Secondary 1 and 2 and had rather unflattering review from the teacher. "Couldn't plane to save my life." "Saw like a girl." You get the idea. So boxy kind of brought back scary memories of Sir screeching, "Observe, observe!" Why didn't I opt for Home Economics?

Boxy pouch turned out to be pretty easy to make. It's done like a regular top zippered pouch. Pay attention to the details or you'll end up with a regular top zippered pouch like what happened to me the first time. Heh heh. The magic is in the corners. A seam here and a seam there and tada! A boxy pouch emerges. My only grouse: it's unlined!!!!!

Even without any interfacing, the boxy pouch could retain its boxiness



Sonya said...

Great job! I love this!!

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