Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm In Love or Boxy Zippered Pouch Quest No. 2

Not long ago, I went down to Clementi to visit my sewing machine dealer. She introduced the adjustable zipper foot to me. Since I was sewing so many zippered pouches, I was getting rather impatient with the zipper foot that came with my sewing machine. It just couldn't get as close to the zipper as I wanted.

When Helen, the dealer whipped out this magic foot which could go where no ordinary zipper foot could, I was sold. (I'm easily sold by the word 'magic') I flew home. I couldn't wait to zip awaay. My head was filled with images of all the zippered pouches I was going to sew. Me and my adjustable zipper foot were going to be inseparable. I was in love.

Here's the funny part. When I reached home, I spent hours just trying to screw the adjustable zipper on the presser bar. I simply couldn't get it to fit. I was so frustated. I went to Googleland and tried to find a tutorial or something. I could barely find an image of the zipper foot I had bought. I started to curse Helen. Doubts started to set in. Could my beloved Helen have sold me a fake? I decided to storm down to Clementi the next day.

Next morning, very funny story. I sat down at the sewing machine, looked at the darn adjustable zipper for the longest time and realised I had been holding it upside down! It's true. I'm so dumb. I screwed on the zipper foot no trouble this time and I am still in love. I feel like 19 all over again.

The zipper on the right is the adjustable zipper foot. It does piping too but I haven't figured it out yet.

My last zippered pouch was an unlined boxy pouch. I wanted to try out a lined boxy stationery case using Dragoknitfly tutorial. Construction wise it's similar to Three Bears except it's lined.

This stationery case is for me.

My trusted mechanical pencil.

Boo hoo. Raw edges.


pfirsch said...

Take a look at the Roly Nesters to see how you can finish those raw edges.

jane p said...

Thanks. I'll definitely give it a go.

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