Saturday, January 17, 2009

Long n short handles - Quest #5

Making this bag aged me 10 years. It started with gorgeous grab bags at staring at me. (yes, i'm a member) I call it long n short handles bag, APQ calls it grab bags. The pattern which comes in a pdf file is HUGE. I had to downsize it a lot. After printing page after page, you have to glue the pieces together. All that took me 1 whole day to do. Just kidding. It only took me an hour.

Next, I suddenly really really wanted to do crazy patchwork again. Yes, my Lexapro isn't working anymore. It took me many days to complete the patchwork and I'm not even good at colour harmony. I suck at it. I could be the only person who could see colours and be colour blind.

Finally the patchwork was done. I spent the next few days sewing fagoting stitches between the seams. My sewing machine can do wonders! Just when I thought I could assemble the darn bag, I suddenly really really wanted to include a zippered pocket in the lining. Now? So off I went to visit u-handbag which had a zippered pocket tutorial. I love this tutorial. It's so clear and it works. My pocket turned out beautifully except I didn't use any interface which would have made it perfect.

The instructions for the grab bag which also comes in the pdf file is really good for newbies. For the topstitch I used perl cotton in a rustic gold. Okay I don't know what the colour is. I'm technically colour blind remember?

Finally it's done

Front or back

The other side

My first zippered pocket in a lining

I showed the bag to my husband and he said it looked like I was experimenting with the colours (and didn't work).


AdinB said...

I think it is very interesting! :) I want to try making something like this.

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