Friday, January 30, 2009

Shoulder Bag for Chinese New Year

26 January was the first day of Chinese New Year. 2 days before that, I decided to make myself a bag to use on Chinese New Year. It had to be large enough to contain all my stuff as I am not a get-up-and-go kind of gal. I need my stuff!

I've been an admirer of Elizabeth whose site oh fransson has a tutorial for a gorgeous shoulder bag I have been eyeing for the longest time.

Why do I keep doing this to myself? I set myself a huge task and when I find that I'm short of time, I start to panic. I need to change. 2 days to make a large bag is not a lot of time. I could only sew an hour or so a day. Of course once the kids go to sleep, it's sewing time but I can't keep awake! On the eve of Chinese New Year I was nowhere near the end - so many steps! My husband was really encouraging and told me not to give up. That perked me up some and I kept going and going and going and finally did it.

That's me on my way to visit relatives carrying my brand new shoulder bag. I think my bag and skirt clash but who cares! Oh, and enough of that peace sign already.

Here's a closer look. The fabric is Pakistan cotton and the lining is duck.

This bag is so roomy it can contain my pullover, wallet, pouch for something, another pouch for something else, my vintage clutch for my red packets, green umbrella, bus/train card and handphone.

This button is an orphan which used to be on one of my skirts. I messed up the pleats a little.

The pockets were so handy. I could reach in and get my stuff in the pockets without even unhooking the button closure.

I loooove this bag.


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