Friday, May 27, 2011

Hoo Goes There?


Isn't it nice to just sit back and read blogs like usual and not have to enter in all the giveaways? I've won nothing. Have you?

The past few days, I've been in the midst of my epic journey through The Land Of The Owls. I've come to learn that most folks LOVE owls and owls and cute are tightly associated. So it's just me then with the creepy feeling from real owls. Just as I am slowly conquering my fear of heights, I am surely taking small steps towards not being afraid of owls.

So I've been pre-occupied with embroidering my owls. Yes, this is how I conquer my fear.

First up, as threatened, I made an owl wall organizer.

It's mostly just running lines for each of the 3 panels. It took a very long time mostly because I made the bias binding myself and when sewing it to the organizer, I did it the traditional way - by hand. This is my first wall organizer. Does it look weird? Me hubs says it looks "interesting weird".

I'm thinking this is one possible use for the organizer - sorting out your mail.


I made another owl zip pouch. This one is quilted. I call it "Caged Owls". Usually, for my bags and pouches, I have the showy bit on one side only. But for this pouch, I did it on both sides.

This is the other side and the owl is "caged" as well.

Here's the boxy bit. In case you're interested, "caged owls" simply reflect my fear of owls. Geddit? I'm the one who's in the cage. Caged by my own fear. So deep! Don't worry. Deep down I just like pretty stuff.

Next on my to-do list is another Amy Butler Sew-Along.

Some Singapore news. Remember the body in the water tank story? Well, residents were rather uneasy about drinking water from their tap after the incident. I mean, wouldn't you? One question: How long would it take you to go back to using the water from the tap if you were in the affected resident's position? (touch wood) Me? I would move. Btw, thanks to those of you who told me where your water came from. It was certainly informative.

Well, the member of parliament of the affected residents resorted to drinking water from the affected tap to lead by example. But the residents were too pissed to buy it. So finally it was decided the affected water tank(s) would be replaced. It will neither be cheap nor easy.

More news related to the Singapore Election, sort of. One issue which kept popping up during the election and carried on with a life of its own is the ministerial pay. I don't know the exact amount of pay the ministers get this year. But based on a 2009 figures, an entry-grade minister received an annual salary of SGD$1.57 million. The Prime Minister's salary that year was SGD$3.04 million. Staggering, right? What most locals cannot buy is how much more a Singapore junior minister earns compared to President Obama!

Singaporean's unhappiness with the ministerial pay has been around for a very long time. Surprise! Last Sunday, the Prime Minister announced a formation of a committee to review the pay. Whatever the outcome of the review and however small the pay cut is, I believe it is still better than nothing.


Bethany said...

I have won nothing. I'm hoping hundreds of people have yet to pick winners, because I spent a LOT of time entering, lol. I'd like to win at least ONE.
And owls - I'm afraid of real ones. With their talons and their weird eyes and their hanging out in the dark...but cute ones on fabric (preferably made of pink) are fine by me :)

by night said...

Jane, I just love how in one post, you speak about crafts, yourself, your community, politics and your country. it is at the same time refreshing and interesting. thank you!
for your general info, in Belgium, we voted almost a year ago (June 13th) and we still don't have a government as none of the elected parties want to cooperate with the others... the former government - that resigned over a year ago - is still running the country but has no right to vote new laws... how ridiculous are we?

Relished Artistry said...

Jane, when I was 13, I walked into the garage building on the farm we were living on in southwest Iowa here in the US. I wasn't paying much attention to my surroundings, and looked up to see an angry half meter tall barn owl staring me in the face at eye level as he perched on a countertop. His stare was a chillingly sharp. He was completely still and motionless. His eyes were stone cold, and yet fiery crisp with golden light... I my head I had never seen such sharp talons or claws...

I think I jumped out of my shoes, I was so scared and startled. I turned and high-tailed it out, fearing it would sweep over my back and slash at me... Ah, I was 13!! Haha!!

I immediately ran to my dad, and breathlessly told him about the owl. He laughed so hard he was crying! He had discovered the injured owl cowering in the middle of our driveway, and maneuvered it into our garage. It had taken a blow from something I think--perhaps accidentally hit by a rock kicked up by a passing car or something from the nearby gravel road. It had an injured wing or foot or something, and wouldn't have been able to attack me if it had tried...

Owls can be scary! Haha!! Very very scary!!! I will never look at an owl as "cute" again!

Linda said...

Your owl projects are really cute! I have no special feelings for owls. I can take them or leave them, but I know that owls are trendy right now in fabrics. I think it's a throwback to the styles of the 1950's. I had a dress when I was a little girl with fabric printed all over with owls.

Chris H said...

I think your owl creations are just lovely!
The wall hanging thingee is not weird... it's neat!

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