Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Truth About Owls

Hello Internet people,

Yes, it's been a while. Basically, I had nothing worthwhile to blog about and that's why I've not blogged. I know some bloggers who have the energy to blog everyday and I admire their passion. I, on the other hand can be classified as a lazy blogger. I blog whenever.

So what's up with me? Well, first of all, my sleep sucks. I've been unable to have a proper sleep through the night for a couple of weeks now. So I have to have 2 sleeps a day. One awful one and a fantastic nap in the morning. So that pretty much took away many of my hours. I really hope I can get back to sleeping a normal 8 hours a day like every other human being on earth. It's exhausting when you don't get the right kind of sleep.

I have to confess I'm rather scared of owls. I know me hubs will say I'm scared of many things which is not untrue but totally mean. Let's be honest. Owls come out at night. That's creepy. Owls live in jungles. That's scary. Owls have weird beady eyes and since they come out at night, seeing the eyes at night would be super terrifying. Owls are loners. That's disturbing. Owls are associated with darkness, sorcery and evil. So my question is. At what point did these brilliant textile designers turn these creepy birds into such adorable creatures on fabric? I mean I love owls in fabric print. I would fork over money for it. Just look at my latest zippy pouch. It has an owl. It doesn't look evil. I even sewed little running stitches all over it.

I made this large zippy pouch for myself. See, I have a large wallet so it needs a custom-sized pouch.

Perfect size. My sister, Elaine gave me this owl print many moons ago. I made a few items with it in the past and I have a little bit left and I'm thinking of making it into a wall organizer.

Speaking of birds, does anyone eat quails eggs? I usually just boil them in water. My kids really dislike removing the shells. Surely there must exist an instrument to remove quail's eggshell.

Here's some Singapore news. Since the election in early May, two ex-prime ministers have resigned from the cabinet. If this sounds puzzling, basically what happened was after the ex-prime ministers stopped being prime ministers, they continued to be ministers in the cabinet, namely Senior Minister and Minister Mentor. Of course the big deal is that one of the two is Lee Kuan Yew whom many credit with transforming Singapore from a poor village to an economic success. He's 88 this year so that's a good age to retire. But he still holds an important biz post so I don't think it's a full retirement.

In other news, residents living in a block of flats (not mine, thank goodness) discovered that a dead body was found in their water tank. Gross, right? Worse, they had been using the water - drinking, laundering, showering, mopping and all. What fascinated me hubs about this story was that our water came from water tanks. He thought our water came from water pipes! In my old home, I could actually see the water tanks on the roof. So I knew water came from water tanks there but in my current home, I cannot see the roof at all so I really have no idea where my water comes from. My question to you dear readers: Where does the water to your home come from?

If you are on my facebook page, you'll know I've been tatting. Well, I finally managed to finish couching my tatted lace to a piece of fabric. Couching is tedious. There must surely exist a simpler method. My tatted lace is rather crude. But I'm improving.

Lastly, if you're on facebook, you ought to read this or risk getting your facebook profile yanked. As of May 11 2011, facebook has made changes to guidelines pertaining to contests, promotions and giveaways. If you're wondering why you no longer see giveaways announcements on facebook, here's why. If you can't access the link, it's because you are using facebook as page. (If you are reading this post from facebook, when you click on the link, you may have to click on 1 additional link "go to") Go here. See you.


Little Blue Mouse said...

Tatting as well as beading? You are branching out!

Ooh, owls are not creepy, they're lovely. I like how they can turn their heads right round (although that may seem creepy too!).

How awful to have been drinking water that's got a dead body in it. Do you know how long it had been there?
I know our water is definitely from pipes.

Is it just me or....? said...

Here in the UK, our drinking water comes from the Mains, which means its straight from the water providers pipes. We have a storage tank in the roof of our house, but this only stores water which feeds the heating, hot water and shower etc.,

Sarah xx

Kandi said...

That pouch is just lovely; I do like owls, where I live I see them often at dusk, I guess I am just used to them now. That's a dreadful story of the body in the water supply ~ did you ever see the Japanese film Dark Water ~ it was a horror with that as the climax (if you have not seen it I have just spoilt it for you ~ sorry).
Kandi x

Miranda said...

I love owls. We have them around our house in January/February, that's when they nest. I even found one of them this year and just stood outside and watched it, it was pretty cool (to me anyways, but I'm a bird nerd). Our water comes from underground, I think it's called an aquifer. Then it goes into the watertower and then it goes out to the houses. I've eaten quail eggs. Back when I was a kid my grandparents had a farm with goats, chickens, geese, quail... We would have goats milk, and quail eggs. I ate them, don't remember if I liked them or not but I must of.

tamdoll said...

Hi Jane! Nice to see a post from you. I've been slowing down my blogging lately, being a little lazy about it... that's my only reason. I hope your sleep improves! For a long time I used to have trouble sleeping and would nap during the day, I hope you find a solution for this problem. (I just started waking up earlier so I'd be tired by evening & stopped drinking coffee at night!)

I have never eaten quail eggs. Are they special? We eat a lot of chicken eggs here in New Hampshire.

That dead body thing is pretty scary. Our water comes from a well that we share with the neighborhood (maybe 30 houses?). I think around here, most people have a well on their property, then the water is piped up to the house, or if you live near a town, a person can have city water.. but I don't even know where that comes from. I guess I should wonder about that if I ever move back to a city.

Thanks for the heads up on the Facebook thing, will read into it.

Your owl bag is nice & so is your tatting! Supposedly there are owls in my neighborhood but I've never seen any. Don't owls eat rodents? I wouldn't mind it if an owl ate al the chipmunks that are always digging around in my yard.

I hope you have a great weekend!

tamdoll said...

Thought about you while I was in NYC - finally found a place that had quail eggs, but I didn't try any.

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