Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hung like an elephant

I invest a lot of time watching TV sitcoms and TV police series. It is always disappointing to me when the shows I follow get cancelled or an actor leaves a series. The last two years been traumatising for me TV-wise. First, Law and Order died. Then Law and Order: LA died. Then Charlie Harper got killed by a train in Two and a half men.

If this carries on, I may have to stop watching TV altogether. So I was very interested to see if Ashton Kutcher could persuade me to carry on with Two and a half men. As it turned out, he could. Because, did you know? Ashton Kutcher is hung like an elephant. That's right. Like an elephant. Not hung like a horse. Not hung like a killer whale. Thank goodness not hung like a donkey. But hung like an elephant.

So I'm sticking around. To see more of that elephant.

Speaking of elephants, for some strange reasons, when I hear "hung like an elephant", I immediately visualise a curvy elephant trunk.

Wow, this week is going too fast for me. I've been sewing every day and I feel like there aren't enough hours for me to sew. Do you ever feel this way sometimes? When you have all the time in the world, you can't motivate yourself to make anything. But when you have limited amount of time, you end up with boundless energy.

I made 10 zip pouches. Yep, that's how much energy I have. I made them in 1 day.

No worries. I have nothing to prove with this skulls and roses zip pouch.

Placement of the hearts is a little off.

I could look at this fabric all day.

The rest are familiar fabric which I can't seem to use up.

I made an exciting bag. I know it doesn't look it. It's a simple rectangular messenger crossbody bag. But....

In the past, I would make such a bag with a magnetic snap for closure. Yesterday, I tinkered with the zipper installation and viola! I have a zippered messenger bag. This bag is really exciting for me because I have developed a new and easy way to install a recessed zipper in a bag. For me, when I make a bag, it's not just about the functionality or the look. It's also about the amount of time it takes me to make it. Naturally, faster is better. Looks like you're going to see more of such bags in future. I'm also thinking of doing a ePattern but one day at a time.

Lastly, I'm going to be busy this weekend. From Friday to Sunday I'll be selling my bags and stuff at a local mall. Yes, I know I just did a craft market but let's be honest. While I like to pretend I'm running a business, it's in reality a very expensive hobby. And in order to support this hobby, I do need to go out and sell and make some money.

The hours are very long for this gig. I'll bring stuff to occupy my time for sure. It's my first time selling here so the usual questions apply - where's the toilet, where can I get my tea and what's the crowd like. Where I'll be located will be about 400 metres away from newly opened H&M. Do you have a H&M where you live? Is it overrated? Me hubs thinks it has my kind of clothes - you know the kind for a longish upper body. Maybe I'll have time to go have a look-see. Details of my gig below:

Venue: 313@Somerset
(Level 1, at the discovery walk, beside Charlie Brown Cafe)
Friday 6pm to 11pm
Sat 12pm to 11pm
Sun 12pm to 10pm

If you are in Singapore, swing by and buy something, won't you? I'll see you next week and give you the highs and lows. By the way, September 25th will mark 4 years of blogging for Projects By Jane. I will do a giveaway sometime next week. So come back, come back.


Linda said...

Good luck! I hope you sell everything you take!!

Bethany said...

Sometimes? I feel that way all the time! I could greatly benefit from a few extra hours in the day!
I am in love with the heart pouch - so simple and pretty.
Good luck with your sale - I hope the skulls sell!

punkychewster said...

wah! you are super productive!

i sat at my machine for hours after work today and got so depressed cos i couldn't figure out a zipper technique. i finally gave up knowing that nothing else can be done tonight. but i will continue tomorrow!!!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Well I can't get past you saying that Ashton Kutcher is hung like an elephant! We can't get the new series of Two and a half men on our TV as we don't have Sky. So are you saying you've actually see this for yourself?
If so, it may be paying for extra channels!

Chris H said...

How do you know he's hung like an elephant? Surely they DID NOT show his 'you know what'?!!!

I love the wee hearts!

PS: we believe Rena's haircut was done by her father! NOT some hairdresser... Kelly just said that because we had been horrified LAST time he cut her hair. This cut was just as bad. Stupid man.

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