Sunday, September 11, 2011

One Friday in the life of a MAAD seller

Hi folks,

This was petty much how Friday 9th September went....

@1:24pm I decided it was more important to post my money bag on facebook than to finish packing up.

First time using this bag. I love it! It's such a handy sling bag that I want every seller to own one. This one was made specially to cater to my large wallet. The "name tag", cat brooch and little bird house are from Momshoo.

@2:15pm I headed out to catch a taxi. Fingers crossed.

I'm always happy when me hubs is around to help me lug the luggage around. He's a really strong guy.

@2:26pm Reached my strategic spot to catch a taxi. Another family had the same idea. I queued up behind them as I didn't want to fight with them for a taxi. But man! They're terrible at flagging taxis. Finally, I decided to help them get one. I started waving at every taxi that went past and that got them terribly nervous and they too started waving at every taxi that went past. Wow, what a relief when they finally got into one. I thought I struck gold when I got a very clean and cheery looking red taxi.

Wrong. He took me for a ride. A very long, expensive scenic ride. When I finally arrived at red dot design museum, most of the sellers had already taken up their spots.

@3:15pm Went in search of a pharmacy. It seems I was car sick from the long taxi ride and my head pounded like crazy. I'm always forgetting to bring something and this time it was my medication.

@5pm Table was finally set up. Tried a different way of hanging my stuff. Still very much in need of better ideas. The medication worked like magic. I felt pretty good.

@5:57pm My first customer! Janet, Janet, Janet. Check out her necklace. p.s. her new items match her bag.

The rest of the night was quite low-key. No sight of celebrities or the elected president. My sister came and so did Su. Had a nice chat with them. The traffic wasn't like the previous month. But interestingly, my total sales went up. My guess is this round there were more serious buyers. And that's a good thing. Then it happened.........

@8:50pm I could barely contain my excitement. I wanted to scream and shout and scream and shout but I controlled myself. You see, ladies. Long, long time ago, on January 24th this year, okay, not so long ago, me hubs said and I quote:

No woman would buy a bag made in the skulls and roses fabric at MAAD

When I first saw the Alexander Henry skulls and roses fabric, I knew it would be hard to sell bags made in the fabric. But you know me. I can't say No to a challenge. And the "worst" part which I hadn't revealed to anyone? The fabric seller confessed to me that she had trouble selling the fabric on account of the skulls. And you know what? When she asked if I could buy the entire amount of the skulls fabric she had, I said YES. It wasn't that much really.

So, the challenge of selling this Alexander Henry skulls and roses fabric crossbody bag has been met. Me hubs has to EAT HIS WORDS and give me $100. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

If you're wondering, I did not tell the young lady, I think her name is Ida about the challenge. I didn't want to scare her with this crazy story. I can understand how strange I may come across.

And she said and I quote:

Wow, this is so cool!

Why do I keep accepting such challenges?

@10pm My family arrived. They did not come the previous round so I was happy to see them. I immediately told hubs the skulls and roses bag had been sold and you know what? He said he'd completely forgotten about the challenge. In fact he had no memory of the challenge! Can you believe it? But don't worry. He'll cough up the money.

@10:38pm My kids manned my table while me hubs and I went to explore.

This part of the museum is where the music, singing and drinking take place.

Guess what this "lady" is selling? Woooooooo!

@11.08pm Just killing time. Someone thought it was a good idea to take a pic of me from the back. Next to me is Mandy of Forest Flame- the hat lady.

@11:13pm Completely bored, me hubs went off to explore the exhibits with my girl.

He's washing his hands.

He's washing his hair.

He's a mannikin.

@11:23pm This is how the kids kill time. Plus another shot of me from the back!

@11:37pm Group photo. (my girl is in her "hates photo taking" stage) Just hanging around waiting for 12 midnight.

The night ended well. We managed to get a taxi driver who drove fast via the shortest route. Let's do this again on October 7! See you.


Chris H said...

Your moneybag is cute, I love the wee Sarubobo on it too.

I thought if taxi drivers took 'long routes' that were not necessary your could get them fined?
When we were there my brother told us to tell the taxi driver exactly HOW to get to where we wanted to go so we didn't get rippd off with large unnecessary fees. It worked too.

I'n glad you did well at MAAD again.

Bethany said...

I KNEW you'd sell a skulls bag!!!!!!

punkychewster said...

i like the skulls and roses fabric!! i feel like the younger crowd would be more accepting of the skulls, it's not as taboo with the younger generation, idk.

anyway, was that ida girl one of the sellers there? she looks like one of my ex-colleagues and i know she handmakes oilcloth bags for sale at craft fairs too!

tamdoll said...

This event looks like so much fun! I wish I could do something like that. But, really, I'm not fit for human viewing past 10pm .. so it may not be the best idea.

Glad your sales went up and the skulls bag sold! Woohoo!! My husband always "forgets" when he loses a bet, too.

antmee said...

Thanks for the tour of your MAAD day. It sounded like a good day except for the beginning with the taxi. My town has good taxi's. I don't use taxi's much but one night I took one home to discover I had left my purse at the restaurant. The taxi guy said not to worry. That he trusted me to pay the following day at the taxi office! What a great guy.

New that skull bag would sell when the right customer came along! It would have gone sooner if I was able to get there first.

Jewel Parlour said...

Congrats on selling that skulls bag! Actually I think the fabric is cool (I like skulls heheh). Hope your hubby paid up! :)

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