Friday, February 3, 2012

Very strong feeling

Dear friends,

It's February and time for my family to settle down. Jan is usually a tough month because the kids go back to school after a very, very long break. Getting them to break the games habit is the toughest challenge. My kids lack self-control. I have a hard time coming up with strategies to ensure my kids not spend too much time on games. I know I have to look for a win-win where the kids get some game time and at the same time put in enough effort in their studies. Already the tests schedules are out. School term also means waking up at 6am. I cannot say this enough: waking up at 6am sucks.

Do you know drinking tea or coffee doesn't keep you awake when you're sleepy? It only keeps you awake when you're NOT sleepy.

This weekend I have a craft market at Vivocity. It means today I should be packing my stuff instead of blogging! I dislike packing for craft market the most. More than say washing the toilet. That's why I'm procrastinating. I'm in 2 minds about doing craft markets. The problem with craft markets is you never know if your items will sell and make it worth all the effort you put in. Plus you need to produce a table's worth of items. The upside is you get cash and the opportunity to get feedback. I learn a lot about what women want in bags from casual conversation with customers. Okay, I'm really whining because I feel sleepy and I have so many tasks to complete by tonight.

In Singapore we have a drink called ying yang which is just tea and coffee mixed together. I wonder if drinking it will keep me awake?

Tonight there is a $10 million Toto draw for Chinese New Year. I have a very strong feeling I will win.

Yes, I'm just rambling.....

Have you guys used Pilot FriXion pen before? I buy it from stationery shops. My kids complained it doesn't work so well for writing on books. But guess what? They're fantastic on fabric. When I embroider, I usually draw an outline on the fabric using a water soluble pen. The problem is I need to soak in cold water to remove the ink afterwards. For this FriXion, I just press a hot iron over the ink and it DISAPPEARS! I'm told the ink will re-appear in very cold temperature. Well, I tested a piece of fabric with the ink disappeared in the freezer and it didn't re-appear. So I'm guessing it's pretty safe. Anyway, I embroider over the inked line so it's hidden anyway. What a fantastic invention!

This week I had a total of 3 sewing days and I managed to make a few more items to sell.

I made 4 lunchtime pouches. I thought the 3 on the left had interesting colour combo.

I made 4 Get up and go go sling bags.  If you're wondering if 4 is some sort of a lucky number, it's nothing to do with that. I just made 4 and then got tired.

I couldn't resist making a skulls and roses sling bag. This one's strictly to scare the ladies.

Occasionally I go into this "sewing frenzy" as I'm sure most people do from time to time. Last night, I felt really tired but my mind was very much on alert. So I made this bag. It's a very simple, functional bag which I've made before maybe in 2009 and earlier but a lot smaller. I did not interface it as I wanted it to have this drapey look. And I'm not saying it just because I'm too lazy to interface. The handle was a bitch to make as usual. I finished the bag this morning and I so want it for myself! I think I will have to make at least 10 more of this design.

Tomorrow at the craft market, we're using a new cashier system. I hope it doesn't fail! Have a happy weekend. See you next week.

p.s. sorry for the crappy photos. the sun died on me.


Little Blue Mouse said...

Good luck with your craft market this weekend, I'm sure you'll sell loads!

I've got some of the Frixion pens and I love them. The point is nice and fine for accuracy.
I've had some of the markers before that are supposed to fade away, but they used to disappear before I'd got chance to sew!

Suzee said...

I love your bags you make! I wish you luck to sell many!! That slouchy red striped bag is a seller around my parts here. the younger kids love them! for me, not so much as I'm short with short arms and digging around in one makes me angry and the customers in line behind me lol
but I always admire them when I see them. I love your lunch bags. OHHH good luck on the Toto!!! I try to enter our lotto weekly but no luck lol
the pen I'm sure I have one,, I collect all sorts of pens. Maybe I will give your suggestion a try!

Bethany said...

I would MUCH rather pack for market than clean the toilet :)

Anonymous said...

Love those new bags, and good luck with the sale! You know, with the kids it can be tough to rip them from their games, but what if you only give them time to play after their studies are complete? Or say that they get an hour a night that they can use at any point but that's it?

Chris H said...

I hope you do well at the market.
I must try and find one of those pens, they sound really handy.

antmee said...

Love your colour combo's! The yellow trim on your pouches really go well with the rose and apple.

My kids play too much games too and even though they have finished school I still nag them to not play all night because they have to get up early for work in the morning. I nag them about alot of things. I am hoping this will make them move out of home!!

Your pen sounds great. I have tried some different types and either the pen ink stays longer than you want or disappears before you can sew.

tamdoll said...

I hope your weekend sales went well! Wait, did you win the $10 million and that's why you haven't blogged since the craft market??
(I hope so!)

Your bags look great, as usual!! I wish I had suggestions for keeping the kids off of games, my kids love TV when they get a break, so I used to be able to put "parental locks" on the television set to limit what they can see. Like, not allowing anything! But... now they have discovered that they can get most shows on their laptop computers, so I've given up.

Good luck staying awake, too. I also believe that coffee doesn't help me when I need it. Seems to backfire actually - if I'm tired, nothing really helps!

Hope you're well and still sewing away!

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