Sunday, January 29, 2012

To die for zip pouches

Hello friends,

I've been bad. I did not go vegetarian once this week. Yesterday to "punish" myself further, I ate potato chips. I felt guilty thru'out so I believe I'm punished enough. I'm avoiding wearing any of my older(tighter) clothes as I want to defer finding out if I've put on weight. Next week I'm going to be good. I will have at least one vegetarian meal a day instead of making the whole day a vegetarian day. That way I won't feel so deprived. The mind can be so powerfully stubborn.

Next weekend I'll be back at Vivocity to sell my bags. (More details here) A quick glance at my stock tells me I haven't been productive enough. Only one more sewing week left. If you are eagerly awaiting my next ePattern, I'm ashamed to say it's all on paper. Nothing has been transferred to the software yet.

Today I discovered that the bag of 50 pieces of swivel clasps that I bought in December has been used up save for one. I'm amazed I've made so many wristlets in such a short period of time. In December I tried to buy 100 pieces of the swivel clasps but there weren't enough in the shop. Clearly this is a hot item but for some reason, the shop owners just refuse to stock more. Perplexing! So until I make another trip to the shop and I'm hoping they have new stock, I won't be able to make any more wristlets.

Here are a few zip pouches I've completed. The first 3 big ones I don't make often.

Can you tell the tree trunks are felt? What? You couldn't tell they're trees?

This one's aimed at those looking to buy a Valentine's gift.

Back to my favourite theme - flower-flower. And the stems are chain stitches.

I know the handle is a little weird for the butterfly pouch. I wanted to use the baby blue drill remnants. The handle is detachable so it's optional.

I've finally completed all my rabbits zip pouches. I embroidered 3 more. Unfortunately I got so carried away with the embroidery that I forgot to keep an eye on the amount of linen I had. So four of these pouches were in a bit of a fix as I ran out of linen.

For these 3 zip pouches, for the back I pieced remnants together. Good save, I think.

But for this zip pouch, I ran out of options. So I used another linen for the back and tried to "save" it with the fabric tab and handle. Kind of wanted to make it look deliberate and not out of desperation.

After a while, all the rabbit zip pouches start to look the same to me.

I made a "houses" zip pouch too. I think the trees killed it.

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Forest Flame Millinery said...

I always believe that to lose weight, eliminate carb but that's so damned difficult.

Todays Treasure said...

Jane, I've not been by in a very long time and have to say that I love all the embroidery and other factors (paint) that you are incorporating into your bags. Each year, they are more and more a piece of art !

Oh, and last I heard, potato chips were a vegetable. You know, those brown (sometimes red or white) things that grow in the ground !


Suzee said...

I LOVE the pouches!! I think putting on applique or embroidery always sets the item off.
Love the size of the butterfly and rabbit pouch. And you need the protein! skip carbs to loose weight = ) I'm a meat eater so I can say that lol.. but good luck and keep trying!

Kawakib Craft said...

really love it Jane ^_^

Dee said...

Jane, I love the embroidery and stamping on your bags it makes each one unique. I am still in awe of your simple and sweet rabbits,
The pieced backs is a clever save and becomes another feature. I am almost hoping the one of the pieced back ones doesn't sell at vivacity so I can buy it.

Weight loss is hard work. A balanced diet and exercise are still the best and the hardest. I really do have to watch my carbs as I tend to over-do them.
Have a good week chained to the sewing machine.

Kelly @ Blue Bird Sews said...

HI Jane! So happy you found Eat, Grow, Sew and now I've found your super cute pouches! Too adorable! Good luck on your sales and thanks for linking up. Stop by Blue Bird Sews on Tuesday (1/31/12) and link up your shop Etsy shop and post for our Store Front Meet Up, it'd fit in perfectly!

Little Blue Mouse said...

I wonder if you're not sticking to your vegetarian meals because you're making too big a deal of it?
Don't tell yourself they're vegetarian and you might not notice (iyswim).
But that's coming from someone who can take or leave meat!

Chris H said...

You are really good at coming up with different ideas for the pouches. I would say which one I LOVE... but I'm scared you will post it to me!

tamdoll said...

Jane I like those swivel zipper tops, they add a nice finishing touch I think. Your bags are great as always - that stitching on the linen to look like bricks was brilliant!

Good luck going vegetarian more often. We often do that at my house because I don't like to go grocery shopping too much - so beans and tofu are always on hand and they stay fresher longer than meat does. But it doesn't make me any skinnier... I'm wearing my stretchy pants and if these get any tighter I'm in trouble.

Sandra's Fiberworks said...

These are SO charming! Love the color combo in the butterfly one and overall, the sweet whimsy. Wristlets are a smart way to go, so popular!

antmee said...

I love your bunny with balloon pouches! They are so cute! The backs look like they were meant to be that way and look ok too.

I give up on watching my weight. It never changes much and is like watching grass grow...boring. Plus you are in great shape. Exercise to keep fit and healthy and thats about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, new follower here! I just love your little rabbit embroidery- so adorable!

Re: health goals- You are so right. If you deprive yourself too much your body just tends to rebel. I think making just one small goal, achieving it, and then building from there is much better. And give yourself a way out too! Say you can splurge on your deprivation 1x / week. And at least that way you are controlling it more:)

Tonia L said...

I love them all but the bunnies are my favorite!

Amanda @ Ninth Street Notions said...

I don't believe in deprivation, myself. Everything in moderation. (Unless of course you have a serious health concern.) But I do like doing vegetarian dinners at least three times a week. Anyways, thanks for linking up to I Made It! Monday. Can't wait to see what you have this next week.

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