Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Me and Abercrombie

During the 8 days I spent at VivoCity, I did not have the chance to go look gawk at the Abercrombie boys who were on duty half-clothed at the store at Orchard Road.

Of course I have the video but we all know it's not the same. But let's watch it anyway!

Today, me hubs decided it was time we rectified the situation and DRAGGED me to the Abercrombie and Fitch store in town. As we entered the shop, I almost choked on my embarrassment as there really was one half-clothed gentleman standing by the entrance. My attention was on him and my own embarrassment that I did not hear the female greeter asking if I would like to take a pic with the half-clothed guy. Well, she did speak to my deaf ear. But me hubs has 2 good ears and heard what the lady said. Later he mentioned it to me and I immediately decided it would be a great idea. Plus it was FREE.

Before we get to the exciting part, let me describe to you what the shop looks like. It was like I had entered a brothel. (not that I know what a brothel looks like) It was very dimly lit and you could hardly see the clothing and accessories. The carpet was very thick and soft and I really felt like I could fall down any moment. All very plush.

Has anyone gone to a Abercrombie and Fitch store in your country? Is it the same as Singapore - all dimly lit?

I managed to check out some nice pants but they were really expensive so I think I'll wait for the "buy 1 get 1" sale like at Aeropostale. After determining that we could not afford any of the outfits until the "buy 1 get 1" sale comes along, we decided to go get me a pic with my guy. But I was too shy so me hubs said he would pose with me.

At the entrance, I strode up to my guy who's very nice and friendly and very bare-bodied. He even put his arm around me! Yes, I was in heaven for a few seconds. Also, he's super tall and I could only see his super bare chest. (I was the right height!)

Here's the polaroid. If you're wondering what happened to me hubs, yes, the bastard chickened out.

But me hubs took a photo of me and Mr Abs with our camera. Okay, before you guys laugh your dentures off, let me just qualify. In the first photo, Mr Hunk put his arms around me. So, in the second photo, I thought that was the protocol and I leaned ever so slightly towards him and put my hands very lightly on his (gasp!) bare waist. Absolutely awkward but look how happy I was! And he looked happy too, didn't he? Oh, and his name is Hardy. And isn't me hubs the best hubs ever? I can't imagine myself doing the same for him for a sexy woman wearing bikinis.


I'm suddenly remembering that this is a bag blog so let's all come down to earth. I wanted to explore fotofuze.com as it is a photo enhancer which can be linked to Etsy. What I like about it is it makes the background super white and your item really stands out. But it's a little slow for me.

It's been a super long time since I listed a ready-made item on Etsy. This sexy zippy wristlet was made today. If my wall was white, I think the photo would have turned out better. If you're interested in this wristlet, go have a look at my Etsy shop.

See ya.


tamdoll said...

Hi Jane! Happy New Year! We have this store in New Hampshire - but no hot models prancing around at our mall! Maybe in bigger cities there are. But it's about the same here as you describe otherwise - dark and mysterious, with enough cologne clogging the air to choke you. I have threatened my kids that one day I will wear a miner's head lamp and a gas mask and try to enter with them.

jocelyn teo said...

hahahahah i laughed so hard at this blog post!! you're hilarious Jane!! ♥

Chris H said...

I don't think we even have that shop here in New Zealand! They guys are lovely!
You look cute beside that hunk.
How typical of your hubby to slink off!

I was just looking at a new hotel in Singapore... drooling over it!
It's called Marina Bay Sands Hotel... have you ever been there? Or is it only for tourists?

OH and I was just about to email you about that hotel when your comment came in on my blog! How creepy is that!

Lia said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA grin grin grin....I'd put my hand over his sexy waist too! :D...both hands, If I'm allowed :D

Anonymous said...

Hi! I would like to know whether the 'free polaroid thing' is available every weekday at any time? The thing is I went there with a friend twice, and we didn't manage to get any free shots :( Thanks a lot!

jane p said...

Hello "Anonymous", I don't know the schedule of the free photo taking with bare bodied models. Usually there's a person at the door - the greeter. He/She is likely to know the model's schedule.


Projects By Jane said...

Hi Caped Crusader 91, yes, those were very happy memories. Sad the store doesn't do the bare bodied hunk thingy anymore. Today I walked past a Yves St Laurent shop and they had a hot guy promoting perfume. Alas, he was fully clothed.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I really miss those hunks


Jake said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Wow, he's very handsome (and what a bod!)

Your hubs is wonderful for encouraging you to have a moment with the hunk! Probably didn't feel jealous either!

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