Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tools of the trade

Hi ladies and that one gent,

Last year I used many tools when I blog and usually they're free ones found on the web. I wanted to share some of these with you today. Those of you who are bloggers might be keen to listen.........

For photo editing there are two online services I use:

Picnik and Photoshop Express

What's great about picnik and photoshop express is they're easy to use so you don't need someone to teach you. The quality produced is pretty good. If you've never used these services, just play around with both and see which you prefer. Photoshop express tends to be slow with the upload and download. Otherwise I really like the picture quality. When I want my photos to be perfect, I use both photoshop express and picnik. Both services are FREE for the basic features.

See this simple collage of my flower-flower denim zip pouches? It was created using Picnik. There are a few variations in the photo arrangement of the 4-photos collage. If you want to create collages using more than 4 photos, they are available for a fee.

This mosaic above was created using a mosaic maker. Again FREE. It can support up to 36 photos. A few looks are available. I like it best with the square formation. Go here to make your own mosaic.

Mosaic maker is just one out of many other cool things you can do with your photos. To see the other options, go to Big Huge Labs.

The last newest thing I learnt was to number my comments beyond 200. I don't mean I figured it out on my own. I'm not good with html. But I followed this blogger's instructions and managed not to screw it up. If you don't hold giveaways, there is really no need to number your comments. Plus if your hand trembles when you look at html, best to leave things be. Otherwise, go here for the tute. Remember to back up your template!

Nite nite.


Bethany said...

Yessss....a mosaic link. Thank you!

Kandi said...

I'm a big fan of Picnik, my subscription has just elapsed and I am missing the added features a little.
I love the idea of numbering comments however html makes my palms sweat so i'll give that one a miss!
kandi x

YUN ZHEN! said...

I recommend Google Picasa! It's a free programme that helps you organise and edit your photos. They have mosaic options in it too (create a photo collage) and easy-to-use editing options :D You can also directly upload photos from the programme into your google account so I really think that helps a lot for blogger users. I swear by Google Picasa. Really. :D

jane p said...

@yun zhen! i used picasa before i heard of picnik. for me, picasa is ok if picnik doesn't exist. but i love picnik way more. it's so much more user friendly. photoshop express is even easier to use safe for the slowness.

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