Sunday, January 15, 2012

Keep sewing and carry on

Hello friends,

It's midway thru' Jan and I'm sorry to report that my sewing hasn't been productive. Lately for the past one week, I've been plagued with bad sleep and ghosts are chasing me in my dreams. I wake up when I can't outrun them. What's worse is the ghosts FLY. Hopefully I can get better sleep soon so I'll stop getting these daily gripping headaches. I've read that you could die from taking too much paracetamol but when you have a pounding headache, you have no choice.

I updated my Etsy shop today with two items. The first one is my sexy zippy wristlet. I showed you the embroidery in a previous post. The wristlet took longer than expected to construct. It's a little hard to think straight when your head is pounding. This morning I made the handle which I embroidered with feather stitches as well. But instead of french knots, I went with daisy chains.

The flying pigs drawstring pouch I made a while ago. (see this post) Although I put it up for sale at VivoCity, no one bought it. It puzzled me as I sold so many other items. But no point spending time mulling over it. So I thought why not pop it in the shop.

Would you guys do me a favour? Go favourite them at Etsy. (if you have an account) Thank you.

I made a few other sexy zippy wristlets using premium linen cotton, some of the fabric I've used before and a couple are new fabric from my stash. I really love looking at my sexy zippy wristlets. You know what? I've never given myself a sexy zippy wristlet before. It's so sad huh? Time, laziness, lethargy, headaches - these are my enemies.

Echino beige

Yellow Green Pseudo Patchwork

Echino Fuchsia

Yuwa Green Roses


Echino Hot Chocolate

I have roughly 3 weeks left to make more items for my first craft market date in 2012. It will be on 4th and 5th February at VivoCity. I'll see you in my next post.

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Laurie-Jane said...

Sorry to hear your head hurts I would be surprised if you died from taking paracetemol you would have to take handfuls for that to happen. Your bags are looking lovely. Shame your dreams are about ghosts and not the half dressed men from previous posts isn't the brain a funny thing you fill it with lovely images and look what you get back.

punkychewster said...

i love ALL your fabric choices!! esp the one with the pink birds and the green roses!! great work on the feather stitches too!!! they great so good on the handle!! *two thumbs up*

Gingini said...

They're lovely - as usual! :)
Of course I'll favorite them!

Suzee said...

I just found your blog.. again! I followed you a year or so ago (with finding your boxy pouch tute). I had lost my hard drive in my laptop and well my favs were lost! That was before I was using google reader.. NO MORE lost! lol but I never recovered all my blogs I had fav'd. I was going through my tute's I had kept printed and saw your's and came back to your site.I have alot to catch up to read!! I would of loved to visit you at your booth in Vivocity!but I'm in the states = ( OHMYGOSH! I love your style!! I favored your Etsy shop and will be back! = ) the sexy wristlet is my favorite.Love the colors you use!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Loving the selection of fabrics for these bags.

I hope you're sleeping better now.

*Tea said...

i can´t believe the piggies where skipped, they are my favorites among todays collection (plus the green roses pouch).

Hope bad ghosts will stopp following you in your dreams and headache will fade too!

Amanda @ Ninth Street Notions said...

Hope you're sleeping better. These clutches are super cute. Thanks for linking up to I Made It! Monday. Can't wait to see what you have this week.

Janet Chin said...

Hey Jane,the sexy zippy wristlets I mentioned earlier on is "Yuwa Green Roses".If you still have it with you,please reserve for me.Thanks! ;P Janet

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