Thursday, January 12, 2012

Feeling hungry

Hello you,

Dieting is hard, let me tell you that. I'm not even really dieting, just eating less, exercising regularly and oh, going vegetarian once a week. Being hungry makes me bargain with myself more and today I talked myself out of jogging.

Today is my first time going vegetarian. I almost fainted from the sheer effort. Last week I decided it was too early to go vegetarian. Or rather, I procrastinated. What's a meat-eater to do? I've never ever chosen not to eat meat. It's insane that's what this is.

Today I resolved to go vegetarian and had a 3-vegetables + 1 egg with rice meal for lunch. I almost died of hunger. I think it's all in the mind because I certainly had a full meal.

Me hubs wanted to show his support and resolved to go vegetarian for dinner with me.

This was my dinner. Brown and white rice, egg (2nd one today), lettuce, plum, white mushrooms, carrots, french beans and grapes. The weird round stump is sweet potato. I absolutely could not go without an egg. The sweet potato was a life saver.

My kids got to eat these grilled pepper chicken plus what I had.

Me hubs caved right after dinner. He had an additional ham sandwich and one chicken wing. His excuse? He had gone jogging before dinner.

I really hope I can keep this up. My plan is to have go vegetarian once a week and gorge on meat the rest of the week. No, I'm kidding. I think it would be sensible to have one meat day, one vegetarian day and fish the rest of the week. That way I won't feel deprived and binge. Sigh. You know the best part? Despite all my efforts, I believe I've gained back the entire 2 kilos I lost at VivoCity.


How about some juicy news from Singapore? Okay, nothing much happened this week. But on 23rd December last year, there was a flash flood at Orchard Road and once again it flooded the basement of a building.

What made this flooding worse wasn't that it had happened before but the denial by PUB, the agency in charge of flood in Singapore that any flooding had occurred. Yes, they saw the photos like the one above. PUB said it was ponding and not flooding.

That was weeks ago. And I had indeed brainwashed myself into calling flooding ponding. In fact, the word flooding no longer exists in my vocabulary. It's ponding, ponded, pond from now on. And I was okay with it really. Because in my mind a pond is a lake of water.

Well, on Monday, the Minister in charge of flooding ponding said in parliament that PUB should not have used the term ponding. Demmit. I have to re-wire my brain all over again.


Here's a work-in-progress I've been slaving over. Feather stitches and french knots. I forgot how much time is required for these hand stitching. The french knots took a really long time but I discovered a neat trick to making them. It involved a cushion. I'll show you soon.

These embroidery reminds me of pussy willow. And you know what that means?

Maybe these red curtains will give you an idea. No?

What about the giant flowers?

Yep. Walk into any shopping mall in Singapore and you'll feel like you're walking into a brothel. (not that I know what a brothel is like) That's right. Chinese New Year is coming. In less than 2 weeks. From 23rd to 24th January. I know. Some of you are still recovering from Christmas and New Year. It's okay. You don't have to celebrate it unless you're Chinese or eats Chinese food. I've made a few items for my next craft market in February. I'll show them to you in my next post. See ya.


Samantha said...

We eat veggie all the time cos I'm a vegetarian ( my husband eats meat but mostly is too lazy to cook separately) and I totally get what you mean about feeling weak. Make sure you include dark green veg, they'll give you plenty of iron and calcium and will actually help you to be stronger than the meat you're replacing. Unless you're replacing a massive beef steak the size of a small child. I don't know any veg that can counteract that. :)

Bethany said...

Ooo I love the hand stitching!! It rained so much here last night I thought the nearby creek would flood...I mean...pond. It's funny how government officials think everyone else is dumb.

Little Blue Mouse said...

That's twice in two posts you've claimed you don't know what the inside of a brothel is like!

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks"

Chris H said...

Love your post, full of interesting stuff like PONDING! lol

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