Monday, January 23, 2012

Year of the dragon


Welcome to the Year of the Dragon. I wish everyone a Happy Dragon Year. May you have good health, wealth and happiness.

My son drew these dragons for me. I LOVE the first one most. So does he.

It is the custom for my family to visit all our relatives on the first day of Chinese New Year.

This was me today. Yes, I'm holding my stomach in. I managed to squeeze into the monkey tee but I opted for the flannel pants as I don't feel I've lost enough weight. Plus today is not a day to stick to my diet. (and I didn't - meat day all the way!) Can you see the pendant I'm wearing around my neck?

Here's a closer shot. It's an agate stone with a dragon carved on it.

This is Mr Ma. He's from Shanghai and he carved the dragon on the stone in 5 minutes using a tool that looked like a solder iron. How cool is that?

Why all the obsession with dragons apart from it being a dragon year? Ah, you might not know this but I was a dragon baby. Yep, 48 years ago, I was born on this planet.

This is my year.

This morning I woke up feeling very happy and positive because it is the first day of my year. Imagine how shocked I was when I read my mail and saw a nasty comment on my previous post.

I have deleted the comment from the post. But I have screen printed it so you can see for yourself what the commenter wrote.

To be honest, it took me a while to fully understand what the comment meant. Right away I could feel it was meant to be offensive. But I can't say for sure I know why.

Most of you probably don't understand fully what the comment meant. Let me decode the comment for you: "ang moh" started out as a derogatory term for Caucasians. You understand that when this term was coined, it was a very long time ago and it was a different world. Locals do continue to use this term but it has lost its derogatory implications.

This commenter is accusing me of writing my posts in a way to gratify caucasians. And by signing off "by Chinese and proud of it", he/she is implying I'm ashamed of being Chinese.

I don't know who this commenter is but it is obvious this person is from Singapore.

This is my reply to Mr/Miss Anonymous:


1. What a COWARD.
If you hide behind Anonymous, you are nothing but a coward.

2. What a NERVE.
If you don't find my posts funny, that's cool. If you don't find my posts interesting, that's cool. If you don't think my sewing is cute or pretty or worth looking at, that's cool too. If you think I pander to ang moh's fancy, that's your opinion and you are entitled to your opinion. Just don't tell me. Keep it to yourself. My mother always says: If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.

3. How RUDE.
This is my blog.
If I pander to Klingon's fancy or whatever, that's my own dem bizness. If you want to write your opinion about anything, write in your own blog and see if anyone gives a hoot.

You don't know me. You don't get me. You have not read enough of my posts to know what I am about.
I pander to nobody but myself, you fool.

5. I have a zero tolerance for troll behaviour. This is not that kind of a blog. You have come to the wrong place. Please never read my blog posts again.


My dear regular readers,

I am sorry you had to witness this. But since I started blogging in 2007, I have never ever received a single negative comment. And I thank everyone for that. And I'm also appreciative that majority of you use your name when you comment. The only reason I allow readers to comment anonymously is that readers without ids or readers coming to my posts via facebook are unable to comment and that's an option for them. But they leave their names so that's okay.

Well, what an ugly start to a beautiful day. At first I was enraged. You could say the wrath of a dragon was incurred. I summoned the thunder and lightning and it rained all over Singapore today. Haha. No I don't have such powers. At first I was so pissed.

But it is the first day of my year.

Why let a total stranger, a troll at that ruin your day? So I went visiting and enjoyed myself. It turned out to be not such a bad day after all.

I'm making every day count for me. I hope you have a great year ahead. See ya.


Bethany said...

It sounded derogatory but I didn't 'get' it. Jane, if someone asked me to describe your blog I would never ever use the word pandering. It soooo isn't. It's just very you, doing your thing, take it or leave it. Why people like that even feel the need to comment is beyond me.
Happy new year!!! And you certainly don't look your age :)

Sarah@PingsAndNeedles said...

Oh Jane - I saw that comment and thought huh? Has this 'anonymous' ever read your blog ??

The very idea of you pandering to anyone made me spit my tea through my nose. Rude people ... can't bear em ... it's your blog. we are guests.

Happy New Year. I hope it brings you health and happiness and that the flat stomach you're showing off in that pic continues!!

Kandi said...

Bahhhh don't feed the trolls! Honestly like you say if people have nothing nice to say, say nothing.
I have to say I love those dragon drawings, wow talented kids indeed!
I think you made a mistake in your post though you said you were 48 years old, you can't be!!
Happy New Year I hope this is a lucky troll free one for you.
Kandi xx

Linda said...

You are so correct in not letting some unknown rude person determine your mood. Don't give them that much power. Take it away from them by having a wonderful day!And Happy New Year to you!!!

Suzee said...

I love your blog and humor. Don't let others bring you down! We all say silly things of our own cultures once in awhile.. Nobody is perfect! lol Happy Dragon year!! Your son has very good talent!
That pendant is lovely. Stay happy and keep the positive thoughts!!! = )

Miranda said...

The dragon drawings are great! Tell your son that we all liked them! I get really bugged by anonymous people. If you feel something enough to leave a comment then own up to it. Do not let this person ruin anything for you. Not your day or your year. And I love your rabbit's they are very cute. Are you going to turn the dragon drawings into embroideries now??

Dee said...

You look FABO in your new year outfit and trim and terriffic too!
This is going to be your year so celebrate every day of it. I like that you get a whole year. I shall have to find out what year I was born in... hope it isn't the pig.

You are actually a wonderful source of appreciating a culture that I have no idea about. I have learned so much from you about your culture and have gained an appreciation that I wouldn't have otherwise gained. THANKS.
I love your honesty. I love that you aren't so one eyed and are able to have a laugh at your self and your origins.
Wait till I get started on some of the aspects of my culture that I am not so charmed about...
actually even though you 'take the mickey' out of some aspects of your culture you are fully engaged and immersed in it. That shows great balance. It would be quite another story if you were denying it or not engaged or some other way ashamed of it.

Keep being you. Keep blogging and don't censor yourself for the like of that commenter. We love you and what you are doing.

big breathe in ahhhhh

Love the drawings of the dragons.

haha my word recognition is pyrit ... I am saying it pie-rit ... arrr me hearties. ;)

Laurie-Jane said...

You go girl! What sort of person sneaks around like that. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and want to hear all about your life in Singapore from your point of view. Enjoy the year of the dragon my daughter is one too I keep telling her this is your year to shine. I am a horse neigh.

Send that fireball and add my name to it.

tamdoll said...

Happy Dragon Year! You look fabulous in your picture! You are right-on with your comments to the anonymous coward, it's your blog - that's all there is to it. You're wonderful, I think your blogging is fantastic & I hope this is a wonderful year for you!

evonne said...

Dear Jane, sorry that you received such a nasty comment. It's nothing about you and everything about that person's own personal issues. Please continue your crafting and blogging as you have been doing. You have many fans and many more unknown anonymous fans who read your blog and may not usually comment. Like me. But one lousy comment can really spoil your day and leave a bad taste in your mouth. So hope your 2012 is filled to overflowing with success and great things! Gong xi fa cai!

Chris H said...

You are lovely and slim!
Stop thinking you are not.

Anon comments... drive me nuts too.
Glad you had a vent.

Question: what would I get a neighbour who is Chinese, to say 'Happy Chinese New Year'?

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