Monday, March 19, 2012

Blue chocolate


Are you ready for some blue chocolate? But first, how was your weekend? All over Singapore, parents and students discover unfinished homework and that was how my weekend went. Watching the kids like a hawk making sure they complete all their homework. You see, it was the end of a ONE WEEK school break and it seems the school teachers don't understand the meaning of school break. They assigned a ton of work. My girl had a pile of homework to do. My son had completed some of his work early in the week but he had left the ones he did not like to do for the last day. So glad school break is over. Regular school days is easier to manage.

Speaking of break, I've broken off with my diet. It's not quite working. I don't feel like I'm doing it right. There's no structure and I basically do whatever I like. So no surprise I haven't lost any weight. The good news is I haven't gained any. Hm... suddenly I'm craving chocolates.

Today I went into my sewing frenzy after I wanted to eat some blue chocolate. See, I saw some blueberries and then I saw some chocolates. Ah, that's how my brain works.

It's back to zippy zippy pouches again! For this post, I took the photographs in dim light. I don't mean I deliberately waited for dim lights. It's cloudy and the sun was dying. It's been raining every day in Singapore. I figured it's a good time as any to try to take decent pics by changing the setting.

This is a typical flower pose that I use a lot. I liked the idea of using blanket stitch for the bud. I don't know about you but I love blue and brown together. It's such a great combination. Next time I go to Art Friend, I'll get indigo embroidery thread. Would brown and indigo look good together?

For this pic, I wanted to get the background blurry so I used F/2 as learnt from my Canon class. I think if I want a better blurred background, I need to have more items at the back (instead of side).

One thing I noticed is the ISO needs to be increased. I wonder if it's due to the lack of light?

Bird on a tree branch - another favourite pose. I'm using fabric remnants from a linen fabric. I feel most proud of myself when I'm able to use every bit of a fabric I've bought.

With this fabric, I couldn't resist another bird standing somewhere pose. Has anyone seen a blue bird before. I'm wondering if the beak would be blue too?

Another gravity defying bird. This one wants to walk up a tree trunk! It's a brooch. Can you tell?

Lastly, I'm so excited! Some of you may know I keep count of the number of projects I made. Guess what? I've crossed the 300 mark for zip pouches. I have made a total of 309 zip pouches since 2007. Does this mean I've used 309 zippers? Actually I've used a lot more as I've made other zipped items but they're under different categories. My total project count is 804. This means that by end of this year I would have made 1000 projects. How did "1,000 Projects Before I Die" come about? A few years ago, I was suffering from myofascial pain and my muscles hurt all the time. On some days, I feel very down and possibly on such a day, my girl sensing my mood asked me What is the one thing you want to do before you die? So I told her 1,000 bags because I wanted her to know that it would take me a long, long time. Later hubs urged me to count everything I've ever made and that's how it all started.

On a positive note, I will continue to keep count of my projects even after I reach 1,000. And just to assure you, I'm not dying anytime soon. I'd like to think I can keep going for another thousand. Cheers.

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anna said...

It's nice to see such lovely embroidery.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I love blue and brown together too, especially dark brown like in the last photos.

Chris H said...

The blue and brown go together just fine.
Have you tried pink and brown? That looks fab too.

Inspired By Felicity said...

I thought I love your flowers, but I love your birds even more! Lovely.


Miranda said...

Your embroidery looks great! I love both the birds and the flowers. The blue birds I've seen have brownish black beaks. I think the brown looks great!

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