Sunday, March 25, 2012


25th March is a special day for me. It's the day I got married.

It's our 17th year of marriage.

A few things crossed my mind today.

1. I must be getting old because I no longer remember my life before I was married. That memory is buried somewhere in my photo albums. Remember the old days when you have to print all your photos to see what you took?

2. Today Singapore experienced heavy thunderstorm, gusty wind and me and hubs were caught in it. He fell. Heavily on his bum. I was behind him. I saw it happen in slow motion. Later after I made sure he was alright and not in any danger of dying, I re-played his fall over and over in my head in slow mo and laughed my head off.

On the day we were married, Singapore experienced the hottest weather in like over decades. I read it in the papers. Wished I had kept it.

When it came to choosing the date of our marriage, I basically chose the most convenient date available. My MIL wanted an auspicious date which was the 18th March. (one eight sounds lucky in Chinese - will prosper) I wanted to avoid 18th because it would mean more couples would be married and very likely a longer waiting time for the solemnization ceremony. As it turned out, 18th March was hot and not available so it never became an issue.

On 18th March, one week before my wedding day, it was the worst thunderstorm ever.

Today I wondered if getting married on an auspicious day made any difference for the couples.

We had a nice lunch. This is what I ate. The last item is cheese fruit cake. I think this is the first time I ate cheese cake. It is surprisingly good. I expect to be punished in some form tomorrow - like a headache or a weight gain.

Want to see our presents?

I gave hubs a mug.

He gave me a watch I lusted after.

Marriage is like eating KFC.
You may not like eating all the parts.
You like the crispy part more than the meaty part. Or you like the meaty part more than the crispy part. Really?
Sometimes you don't get the part of the chicken you like. Like the drumstick.
Sometimes you get the part of the chicken you really hate. Like the breast.
Sometimes the meal comes with a novelty dessert. 
Sometimes you get sick of eating it.
But you always go back to it.


corinna said...

congrats!! I love the "sometimes" and you're soooo right!

Bucky1934 said...

First of all, congratulations to you and your husband on your anniversary and I wish you many more years of happiness.

Your comparison of marriage to KFC was an absolute hoot! I enjoy all your blogs immensely.

I have a couple of your 60 minute projects. They are VERY well done, the plans, that is. Looking forward to the wool messenger bag tute you are planning; is it still in the works?

Tell your husband I was on the UW campus a few weeks and thought about him in "J-School" as we called it when I was there in the '50's. I think it was near the Union going up Bascom Hill then I was there; probably changed now. Tell him "The Rat" in the Union hasn't changed all that much and they probably still serve Fudge Bottom Pie. I tried to make it at home three times, but couldn't duplicate it even with their published recipe.

Bethany said...

Aw, happy anniversary!

Karen said...

Happy anniversary! x

Dee said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
It is good to see you are happy to celebrate your marriage; to remember the day it happened and the events around that time.
Hubs and I have been together 21 years - half my life! I so know what you mean by it is getting harder to remember who you were before marriage.

punkychewster said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Suzee said...

congrats a couple of days late! I was married on March 17th (28 years ago!) and we had some good ol' Indiana weather. with a ice and snow! I like the chicken comparison lol right now.Chicken is my fav meat,so maybe that is why we held out for so many years! lol
Many happy more years for you both! hope he doesnt fall anymore! owies

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