Monday, December 10, 2012

Gift stocking

This is my last week before I start selling my bags and stuff at the VivoCity Christmas baazar. Over the weekend, I started packing and prize tagging. I wanted to start early because this is the part which I dread the most. Amazingly I do not have that many items made despite starting making my stock pretty early this year. Oh yes, I remember now. I procrastinated a lot and did not go into production mode until sometime in November.

This week I will take it easy and try to adjust my sleeping pattern. The kids and I have been living a crazy lifestyle. We sleep at 3 or 4am and wake up after noon. Then we behave like zombies until it's night and we spring to life again. I'm starting to feel a little sick - a small cough, a sorethroat, sneezing fits, the kind of stuff you don't want to have when you need to be out 12hours or so for 9 days.

I have made a gift stocking. It's large. I think I could put my head in. It's going to be my Christmas decoration. It is also for sale. I hope someone buys it because it's no use to me after Christmas. I bought the fabric from Spotlight. The panels came in the shape of a stocking. How convenient! I added a few embroidery details, some wadding and sewed it up. I dug up a Santa's hat which is for my girl. She wore it last year. I hope her head hasn't grown bigger.

I haven't thought about how I'll spend my time at VivoCity during the hours when there aren't any customers. I bought a box of cereals and that's about it. What was I thinking? I should get some novels and honestly, I don't want to do anything that requires a lot of effort. On the other hand, I don't want to find myself nodding off.

I'm starting to feel I'm too old to be doing this craft market thing. It's tiring and not that rewarding. 9 days is a long time to be out everyday for 12 hours. Anyway, I hope it stops raining soon. It's been raining every single day in Singapore since November. Enough already.

I hope to make one last bag by Friday. One with polka dots!


Suzee Neal said...

Oh Jane ,you are not getting old! Lol Good luck in selling all your things!! Maybe take a puzzle book with you to keep you busy, but im betting you will be busy selling!

Suzee said...

hey Jane, can you check my email setting now? lol It switched me to googleplus and I didn't do that! but knowing me I probably didn't know what I was doing! Thanks for letting me know!

Linda said...

That is a grueling schedule, but you're still young! You can do it! Take some coffee or hot tea and something like almonds to nibble on.
(If you had room, a jig saw puzzle is a big time eater, but you probably don't have the space for something like that!)
I hope you stay well!

Laurie-Jane said...

Good luck with the market, nine days is quite a long time, perhaps you should learn another language, wouldn't that be fun, haha. Something obscure and then try it out on customers.

Tiba said...

Good luck Jane and you are NOT old...... you still have many 1000 lovely bags to create . Don't give up. Can't wait to see the polka dotted bag.

punkychewster said...

That's a cute fabric! Christmas stockings are my next project for December, although I need to get to it soon!! Christmas is in like 2 weeks!! We need stockings for our puppy because it's his FIRST christmas!! I hope i get to it before i start to take the easy way out and buy him one...

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