Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Curiosity Killed The Cat

Hello folks,

It's Tuesday and what a nice cool day it is in Singapore. I'm procrastinating all day (it means I just lay around) even though I have a list of tasks to do like getting rid of more junk, buying bag-making supplies and planning what to make for my next market. Meanwhile, I thought I'll share this story with you. It has nothing to do with my sewing but if you all have nothing else to read...

It's a true story.

On Sunday at Vivocity craft market, hubs came to keep me company in the late afternoon. He sold one pouch by the way. (woohoo!) Sometime in the evening, he had to go. Yes, as in No. 2.

While in the toilet, hubs heard someone in the next cubicle saying: what the f%$*! what the f%$*! He heard the guy leave and then heard something else. It sounded like water leaking. Hubs thought about whether to commit to the No. 2 or leave as well. He was worried about the floor flooding or something. (this part I'm not too clear about) Anyway, the decision was made to carry on with No. 2.

Sometime later, hubs was done with his business and he came out of his cubicle. He noticed the door next to his was closed but not locked. He could still hear the sound of leaking water. Very curious, he pushed the door open and immediately a jet of water coming from the toilet bowl sprayed him on his body. He's lucky he's tall. Of course I laughed my head off.

Here he is just done telling me the tale.


Laurie-Jane said...

OMG I would have made him burn his clothes and buy new ones.

pennydog said...

Hahahahaha that's just the sort of thing that would happen to my OH :D

Chris H said...

OMG I hope he changed his clothes... imagine how grotty that loo water may have been!

Little Blue Mouse said...

That's so funny, it cracked me up when you said he wondered whether to commit or not!

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