Friday, July 5, 2013

My next craft market at Vivocity


Guess what? I have another craft market at Vivocity, Singapore this weekend. Yes, I know. Hubs was saying, didn't you just write a post-mortem for the one last weekend? So sad. So so sad. I almost feel like I've sold myself to the Vivocity craft market.

This week was a very short week for me. Oh yes. Just a few days to sew new stuff for my market. It was a tough week as well as June school break was over and it was back to school for the kids. And you know what that means. Right, wake up at bloody 6am. Our sleep pattern was totally wacky. I had been sleeping late and waking up late and on Monday I only had 3 hours sleep before waking up. Since it was the first day, I felt like superman and thought I could do it. We even went to see White House Down which is not a bad movie. (Hubs cried a few times.) When I reached home, I crashed badly. Tuesday, I managed to get 4 hours of sleep before 6am came. Sometime in the afternoon, I crashed. If you're wondering what I mean by crash, in layman terms it means nap soundly. Btw, I just woke up from another crash.

In between all these crashes, I told myself maybe I should just forget about making new items for the craft market After all, why kill myself for a craft market. But you know me. I squeezed three items out of myself. Somehow. I know they're not much but at least you can say I tried.

These are the three items I made.

I made the shoulder bag using the newspaper print first.

Same shoulder bag, a teensy bigger but with a different print. Remember the fabric I had for the giveaway? I saved 1 yard's worth for myself.

Absolutely love this print. It has line drawing which is just my thing. I couldn't resist making it into a large wristlet.

I'm really looking forward to next week because I badly need 1 week off sewing. After that I have to sew for my next craft market which is on 27th and 28th July. And finally after that, I'm taking a longer break to work on other projects.

So if you're in Singapore, swing by VivoCity. I'm giving discounts!!! Not for the 3 items I made this week though. I mean, they're fresh off the sewing machine, amirite? But everything else, yes.

So you'll come? Promise?


Suzee said...

Love the new bags!!! I like the shape of them.. they look easy to make as well..and of course totally love the wristlet! That print is adorable.
I think I crashed out most the afternoon yesterday!
Good luck in your sellings.. I thought you would of made some more of the "umbrella" bags!!! Those seemed to sell good?

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