Thursday, August 1, 2013

Doggie Embroidery Floss Keeper


Anybody there? I'm writing this post in my cave. I've been here so long I've lost track of time. Is it still 2013?

Some time ago, hubs bought new software for me which I could use to produce my sewing patterns. Originally I thought my girl would spend her June school holidays trying out the software. She's quite good at picking up software and I was hoping she could help me out. But she squandered her school holidays on Tumblr and youtube. I finally have time to learn to use this new software but I'm finding it very hard learning on my own from books, youtube and DVDs.

One big problem is the voice of the narrator keeps putting me in a COMA. Once I fell into such a deep COMA, I only regained consciousness 6 hours later. I even missed one meal.

I am someone who learns best by asking a human being, preferably seated next to me. I am also someone who doesn't pick up new things fast. You could say I'm a slow learner. But the good thing is, once I've learnt it, I get pretty good at it.

Today I finally managed to create a document of a template. It's just a start. I've lots more to pick up. Anyhoos, I thought why not create something some of you could use. It's quite silly to just do doodles!

I made a template of embroidery floss keepers. Do they look like dogs tied up? If you should want to give this a go, be sure to print ONLY page 2 on a thick paper. I used 200gsm paper which I feel is not nearly thick enough but I can live with it. You could go higher. You can use A4 or Letter size paper.

Doggie Embroidery Floss Keeper Download here. If you encounter any problems, do leave a comment so I can fix it.


Linda said...

Your doggie floss keeper is adorable!!!

Kelly Casanova said...

I'm with you on computer software, following a video is not exactly exciting, it's so much easier when someone can just show you! Your embroidery keepers are very cute :)

Projects By Jane said...

@The Handmaden
You know, I think I found the solution to my insomnia. The next time I lie in bed wide awake, late at night, all I have to do is listen to some software instructions on dvd and it'll put me right to sleep.

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