Friday, August 30, 2013

Ten things in August


Some of you must be pining for me by now. Its' been a rough August for me, my friends. If you must, I will go into details. If you live in Singapore, you'll know it's the Hungry Ghost Month. I think it's from 7 Aug to 4 Sep. So it ain't over yet. I don't want to rant about it. Alright, I do. The bottom line is during the days when there is major burning of incense paper, my sinus goes nuts. N.U.T.S. And I don't recover fast so when the next batch of burning comes along, my sinus is still in recovery mode. So my sinus gets sicker. This year, my girl too could barely breathe. She ended up with an infection. She had to do the antibiotics route which is very hard because I have to break the tablet into half or she won't take it. My thumb is very sore now. My son who usually gets very bad sinus attacks was quite lucky and did not suffer much except for one day when he had Geography exams and he had a sneezing attack and he had no hanky or tissue...This festival is a yearly thing. We'll just have to ride it out. It's almost over. There should be one more big burning day for the close of the festival. I plan to take refuge in an air-conditioned shopping mall. I only fear nighttime burning because I gotta go home and sleep.

I want to say it hasn't been a nightmare throughout August so here are the 10 things I did in August which were pretty happy ones.

1. Sleeping

a lot. Mostly medication induced ones. I really enjoyed the sleep. I slept more than what a human needs. I slept in the morning. I slept in the afternoon. I slept at night. I couldn't sleep all day though. Tried it once and it didn't work.

2. Eating

a lot of junk food. (and I didn't care)

Such as these prawn crackers.

And these macarons which gave me a 5 day migraine. Okay, I will stop taking dairy products. They're killing me. But. So. Delicious. Darn it. Now I want to eat CAKE. Speaking of which, surely one can make non-dairy cake? Recently I ate some Japanese steamed cakes and they did not contain any dairy. Tasted out of this world too.

Oh, and these salted egg yolk fried prawns.

It was a yummy month.

3. Tatting

made a comeback in my life. Completed my very first tatted earring. This pair went to a friend. The next pair will be for me. That is if I could get hold of real surgical steel ear wires. Yes, I am sensitive in the ears as well.

4. Beading

a cabochon pendant. I only managed to spend two very short afternoons on it and this is my progress. I hope to complete it by Chinese New Year NEXT YEAR. Yes, this one's for me.

5. Bag Pattern making

finally saw some progress. There is a really steep learning curve for the new software but I've managed to pick up enough to get going. I'm starting to feel optimistic and confident. Hopefully I will get one pattern published by end of the year, if I'm lucky. It is a lot of work. A lot. Some days I wanted to scream and I just had to walk away.

6. Watching

every episode of Broadchurch. I thought David Tennant and Olivia Colman had very good chemistry. Can't wait for season 2.

Strangely got very into the Great Australian Bake Off. I really like both judges. I thought they were really classy. And who else thought they are such poets with their critique? I mean, when I eat bread or cake, all I can say is yum, good, fabulous. I secretly believe the male judge has a thing for the winner. He looked so in love with her every time he's near her. The male host annoyed me when he kept on and on hugging one of the contestants whenever she teared up. Which was a lot. I mean, come on mate! Get a cold shower before the show.

7. Reading

real books and not craft books.

Such as these. I've seen the movies. Wanted to see if the movie is true to the books.

8. Running

after a very long break due to a pain in the right foot. It was a good run but I couldn't do it again due to all the smoke and falling sick. But now I know I can run. And I don't think the pain will ever go away. It's an aging thing. Aging sucks. Why must people age? Why? Why? Why?

9. Feeling

very relieved the kids' Term 3 exams are over. Now for the final one in Term 4.

10. Instagramming

every day. Believe it or not, I've been doing this since June. Influenced by ElephantIsLove. Each day I take a photo and what I photograph is related to a prompt.

This is an example of what an August photo prompt is. It might sound like a silly game to some of you!

Here are my August pics. If you have instagram, you can find me @projectsbyjane. If you don't have instagram, you can still view my pics on this blog (see sidebar for instagram and click on the images; don't be scared) or at my facebook (look for instagram tab).

That's it. See you in September!


MandyPan said...

I have surgical steel ear post...will look for them and send some to you by post. (Msg me your address)...MandyPan

tammy said...

wow.I feel your pain.I'm in NYC right now and have a very stuffed head, every time I come here the pollution gets me bad. But it sounds like you've been very productive in other areas so it's good to have those distractions. I hope everyone feels better soon!

Bethany said...

I was wondering what you were up to. What, no bag making ?

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