Friday, May 9, 2014

Top zipper shoulder bag

Just when I thought I was getting better at my photography, I messed it up. The first thing I did wrong was I left it till the very last minute when I had only 5 minutes at most to take all the photos. And it didn't help that the sky was dark and so what I did was create a very poor environment for photo taking the last 3 bags I made. And then in my rush, I only took photos of 2 bags. I'll show you the photos of the 2 bags as I think these might be the last bags I'll be making for quite a while. Yes, this bag-maker is taking a bag break. It's been around 1,300 bags or so by now. But who's counting?

I'm really pleased with this bag. It's simple and it has a top zipper.  If you know me, you'll know this is the kind of look I usually go for. I don't like cluttered looking bags.

I took great pains to get the placement of the fabric print. This is quite embarrassing - a very blurred photo.

I interfaced the fabric lightly to avoid getting the creased look around the curves (and yes, I clipped the curves) but the weight of the fabric still created some ripples. Ah well, can't fight gravity.

I love this bag. I think people are going to ask the owner of this bag, where did you get this?

And so I love the zipped shoulder bag so much I made another one - this time using the nursery rhymes fabric. Oh, I absolutely love this one as well. Rain, rain, go away is so apt as the Singapore sky is doing nothing but that. Interestingly, I discovered that not every part of Singapore gets rain. Mostly where I live. Ain't I the lucky one?

Oh my April 2014 giveaway is still going on. It will end on May 12th 2014, Singapore time. I'm disappointed that so few people have taken part. :( Only 23 when I last checked. I'm now wondering if I should carry on with the next 8 more giveaways? Well, something to think about. If you wish to throw your name in the hat, enter the giveaway here.

Have a good weekend. Over here, I'll be working on my appliques patterns (to be published soon), a few tutorials, a haircut for son, lots of sleeping and I'll see you on Tuesday Singapore time to tell you who won my April giveaway.

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DeborahGun said...

love these two bags too Jane. You have a real talent :-)

Sandra :) said...

Jane those bags are fantastic - the simple bag design puts the beautiful fabric prints front and center. The fabric in the first bag is really stunning - it looks like it might be a nice linen print?

Gill said...

Fabulous bags Jane - I especially like the first one!

Rosa said...

Such a beautiful bags.Love them all!!

Schulz Family said...

visiting from sew many ways. You can never have too many bags!!! it is obvious you agree. Love the ones you have made

Chris H said...

I love pretty much all the bags you make!
Happy Mother's Day!

Unknown said...

Great bags! Love the style with the zipper top - cute fabrics, too.

Jessica said...

Very cute. Love your fabrics. :)

Jane said...

love the bag! and wow! you made 1300 or so bags!? that's amazing!

Unknown said...

Very nice post...
I really admire your hard work very nice..

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