Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 2014 Giveaway

Giveaway is closed. Winner announced here.

Ha ha. I know. It's nearly the end of April. Anyway, better late than never. Here's my April 2014 Giveaway. This is what I'm giving away - a little treasure pouch. What makes it a treasure pouch? Put some treasure in it!

Yes, it's just another drawstring pouch. But look at the pretty fabric I've used to make it. I finally decided to use my Echino double gauze cotton from a older Echino collection. I had been saving it and saving it. Echino is designed by Etsuko Furuya and she is my favourite textile designer. The colours she uses are very rich. Of course, her fabric is impossible to get in Singapore.


This treasure pouch is very simply constructed and it is based on my Treasure Pouch Pattern. It is strictly for newbies - like someone new to bag-making.

The Echino double gauze cotton is quite delicate. So I used a slightly stronger fabric for the lining. This one is a Lecien and it's from the Old New Fabric Collection 30's. Oh if you're looking for freebies, here's a link to some free patterns from Lecien: click here.

I hope you guys like what I've made for you for my April 2014 Giveaway. It's very simple and sweet.

How to enter?

♥ Leave a comment on this blog post. Tell me what you treasure most.
For me, I treasure my hearing most!

♥ One entry per person, duplicates will be deleted.

♥ Please leave your email address if your profile is not tied to your contact info. If you use Anonymous to leave a comment, you must include your email address.

♥ Open to anyone, anywhere who loves something sweet and simple. And yes, even if you've won before, you are welcome to enter.

♥ Ends 12th May 2014, Singapore time.

One winner will be picked by random.org and the winner must respond to my email notification of the win within 48hours or I will pick another winner.

In case you don't know, I'm also at


Cindy said...

First comment, wow. What I treasure most is my ability to craft. Without quilting and crafting, I'm afraid I would be extremely depressed, as I struggle with depression somewhat anyhow. Quilting and crafting keep my mind off it, and make me happy.

Anonymous said...

Love the pretty colours! I treasure my amazing if slightly dotty family the most!

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Gorgeous Treasure bags - and now that I am on I will find you :) I treasure a photograph of my mom when she was alive and well, happy and healthy. The picture is so 'her' - her smile and her hair and glasses - such a precious photo :)

Anna said...

I treasure my health - as life would be very difficult otherwise. Thank you for the chance to win this pretty pouch.

Corinna said...

I treasure my self backed bread...it's the mist amazing moment when it's coming out of the oven ..the smell and the look of it...can't help it :-)... And I wanna win finally :-)

Laurie-Jane said...

After my family, it's my eyesight, I spent two years without vision in my left eye and now I'm grateful every day for my hard fought for vision. Can't put that in a pouch but i would love it :)

Sue Tham said...

I treasure my quiet mornings.

DeborahGun said...

Echino fabric is my absolute favourite too - such a shame it is so hard to source. Love this little bag :-) What do I treasure - cuddles with my boys because I know they will grow up too fast.

Jane said...

i love this type of pouches. i have a couple at home! and i treasure my family the most!

Gill said...

Lovely Jane!
After my family it would be my health!

Cat said...

Love the pouch! It is really pretty!!!

For me, I treasure my eyesight most. Its really amazing and a blessing to have a perfect vision and to be able to see without glasses after 30+years. What more can i ask for! :)

Sandra :) said...

Other than the big ones - family, friends, health - I have 2 ratty old pieces of fabric that I treasure - they were our boys baby "blankies" - they're so worn out that they're just knots of fabric now, LOL. One boy has already left and the other will soon be gone as well, but I'll always have their blankies!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pouch. I treasure my hands the most as without them I couldn't Knit, sew & create!

Beth said...

I treasure my time with family most - especially one on one

Caroltwo said...

What I treasure the most. all the time my mother took to teach me to live my life too the fullest.

Chris H said...

Your pouches are adorable. I think it was looking at yours that prompted me to start making some too.
I made a really big one yesterday.

What do I treasure MOST? Without a second's thought: My Husband.
Then my kids/grandkids.
Then my new Brother Dreamweaver!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the chance. I treasure my health.
Linda Lee

Aprielle said...

Ohhh, I ABSOLUTELY love your work! Wish i was as talented as you! What i treasure most? My health, my loved ones & most of all i treasure my faith: religion.

Linda said...

These bags are beautiful! I love the colorful fabrics!
I think I treasure my sight most.

Anonymous said...

First time visit your blog, gorgeous bag.
I treasure healthier, peaceful and freedom life style.

Yin Yee.

Suzee said...

I always loved this little bag pattern . I really need to make one!!!
You know what I treasure!! My Zoey :)
thank you for the cute give away!

言午 said...

What I treasure most is my ability to feel the love.

Anonymous said...

I treasure my family, health and friends.

Love your handmade items, there are all so nice :-)

Thanks, Joanne

Gingini said...

My sight. My mother is blind and I cann't imagine not to sew or not to see colors.
The question made me aware of all the good things in my life, thanks!

pennydog said...

Definitely treasure free time the most- it's very scarce and precious at the moment!

Norma's Bag Boutique said...

Great pouches!! I treasure so many things that I could say life. But I'm going to say my daugthers. Thanks for the giveaway.

TerryH said...

Love your tutes! And you make great pouches. What I treasure is my sight - as I get older, my vision isn't what it use to be. It is getting hard to thread the needle on the sewing machine.
Thanks for the chance to win.

Lesley said...

I really treasure my family. Parenthood is a wild ride but I wouldn't change a thing!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I love your stories about every day life. Bathing suit shopping, smog, cleaning, family, selling, pain, food, dolls!!! I have made one item from your tutorials and one from a pattern I bought 1/2 off (because I am so cheap!) I love how they turned out. I would send pics, but they are from my not smart phone, and not so easy to see. So, I treasure getting to know you from your blog. Maybe not the thing I treasure MOST, but still... Thanks!
from a small town in California,


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I just found your blog from the Sew Many Ways link party. I can't wait to look around. Your bags are great and I love the fabric you choose.

Of course I value all my body parts and my home. My dearest treasure is my husband of 42 years.

Shelly Jack said...

Your bags are beautiful! It's hard to limit what I value most to just one thing, but I guess it would be my good health. That enables me to do all the things that I love, like sewing and making bags, and to share life with the all the people that I love. I would LOVE to win one of your bags, fabric all the way from Singapore! I found your post on Sew Darn Crafty. Keep up the good work and don't give up! I love your bag style =)

tink's mom said...

I've popped in from Sew Many Ways. I've been checking out your blog and your work is terrific. I think I treasure my relationship with my sister the most. Can't fit that in your wonderful bag but I'm sure i can find something else that would fit wonderfully if I win.

Anonymous said...

What I treasure: My good health. Especially as I get older and I hear of more friends battling illnesses. (secondly, if I can list another, my positive attitude. Negative people are such downers....too much to be happy about to spend time griping!) Thank you for your wonderful sewing inspirations.

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